18 October 2011

Video infographic must-see: A Video History of the iPhone

I stumbled across this video infographic about the history of the iPhone and not only is it timely, but it’s also brilliant! It’s certainly worth the 4 minutes it takes to watch it and because it’s so entrancing, I found I retained the facts more than I would do after looking at a print infographic. Could video infographics be the …

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6 October 2011

Steve Jobs and me

The Macintosh SE30 was my very first computer. My boss plonked one down on my desk late one Friday: “take this home over the weekend. By the time you come in on Monday I expect you to know how to use it”. I looked at him aghast. I had never used a computer before. There was no manual. I wasn’t …

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28 September 2011

Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands Top 25

Today at Tamar we’re launching our “Britain’s Best Loved Digital Brands 2011” league table. This year we’ve refined our table to rank only pure-play digital retail brands. These are the power-house brands helping to ignite the UK’s moribund economy while bricks and mortar bomb and the high street shuts up shop. We’re proud to say we’ve helped ignite quite a …

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21 September 2011

Don’t f8 it up Facebook

The social media world is watching & waiting for Facebook’s big announcement at f8 today & it’s pretty much guaranteed that it will involve an announcement that Facebook is moving into the music and content space possibly competing with iTunes and maybe more deals with news content providers. A WSJ journal app announced today is widely touted as the tip …

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2 September 2011

Google’s next skirmish in the social media wars

No one in the search world was remotely surprised when it surfaced this week that Google is making plans to turn its +1 button into tool that will help it ‘improve search quality’. A spokesman for Google confirmed: “(we) will study the clicks on +1 buttons as a signal that influences the ranking and appearance of websites in search results. …

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3 August 2011

You’re so vain, I bet you think this metric is about you…

Something is really puzzling me. We’re bang slap in the middle of in an economic recession (aka ‘an economy moving at a snail’s pace’) so you’d think all brands would be biting agencies’ hands off to talk about how much money they can generate for them online. Wouldn’t you? But here’s the funny thing. A section of clients simply can’t …

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27 July 2011

London 2012: it’s time for your best ‘Games Plan’

It’s a year today ‘till the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics when London will take centre stage and the world spotlight will be firmly focused on the UK. If you doubt the heat of global interest that will be generated, just think back a couple of months to the April Royal Wedding – that lasted for just one day. …

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4 February 2011

Search, social, mobile and more – integration is key

This week’s issue of new media age features an excellent ‘leader’ column by editor Justin Pearse, looking at the need for integration and evolution in online marketing agencies. As Justin points out, Social Media marketing is a natural evolution from “older” marketing channels such as Search – with experience in online marketing being key to ensuring your social media campaign …

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31 January 2011

Incentives are the engine for social commerce growth

Tamar’s Social Media Sectors Report 2011 – published today – has some revealing data for brands in both B2C and B2B sectors. Social media is rapidly evolving into social commerce and these trusted online spaces are where brands and customers can develop relationships. What might surprise many of us is the fact that the vast majority of people, according to …

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