8 May 2007

The dark side of web 2.0

This week has seen some very interesting developments at the community news website Digg.com, after a top secret encryption key for HD DVD’s that allows anybody to copy HD DVD’s was made public by users of the news site. The move prompted cease and desist orders from the legal team representing the holders of the intellectual property the AACS. The …

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3 May 2007

The evolution of travel search

The new travel portal from Yahoo! has all the features you would expect: an attractive interface and simple navigation. However in an attempt to really stand out against the mass of travel portals out there, the site has incorporated an element of personalisation. Through ‘my Yahoo’ the site allows users to plan their trip, track and check their reservations and …

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24 April 2007

Remove your content from Google!

Google has enhanced their Webmaster tools to include new functionality which enables users to remove content from their index. There are four different types of removal available to confirmed webmasters: Individual URLs: removes one particular URL. Directories: removes all pages within a directory of your URL. Entire Site: removes your entire site! Cached Copy: if you want a page to …

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23 April 2007

Google checkout helps online shoppers

UK shoppers will now be able to buy online using a single login. The recently launched Google Checkout service will make shopping online much simpler for customers and retail sites that sign up to the service. Shoppers will benefit from being able to use a single login to buy online from all participating stores, and will also be able to …

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19 April 2007

Voice-activated local business searching by phone

Google has announced its entry into the mobile search arena by launching its very own ‘directory-like’ service hosted on the company’s Labs site. Google’s voice local search(still in beta) allows you to search for businesses in your area using either a landline or mobile phone. The service uses the same local business information as Google Maps. According to the search …

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18 April 2007

Furious bloggers reject rules

Two luminaries in the internet blogoshpere, Tim O’Reilly (credited with coining the term Web 2.0) and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, have suggested a code of conduct in what they see as the lawless world of online media. Their idea came in the wake of anonymous death threats posted on the blog of one of O’Reilly’s friends, Kathy Sierra. Their new …

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16 April 2007

Search engines unite on sitemaps auto-discovery

Ask.com have joined the three main players, MSN, Yahoo and Google, in extending the value of sitemaps. Following last autumn’s agreement between the top three to support the use of sitemaps, Ask now joins them as the system is extended by auto-discovery. Although MSN and Yahoo have yet to start including auto discovery, the thinking behind it is that you …

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13 April 2007

Making video content work for you …

The number of video downloads on the internet in the past two years has increased exponentially. According to Alexa, Youtube’s traffic has grown from zero to a daily reach of 9% of all internet users. With so much video out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get yours viewed. Search engines can struggle to index video and they need …

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12 April 2007

MSN and Google mapping the future

Microsoft has added 3D capabilities to Live Search Maps service here in the UK. Buildings in Plymouth, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester, and Wolverhampton can be viewed in 3D and look very like Sim City buildings. The detail is far superior to the Google Earth 3D capabilities in which buildings are represented by uniform grey blocks. The Microsoft maps show a bird’s …

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12 April 2007

Fundraising ahoy!

We had our 3rd steering team meeting today and covered a lot of ground. We’re realising how much of a challenge it’s going to be to raise the £24k but life would be dull if it was easy. We’ve had quite a few donations and we’re cracking on with the fundraising activity organisation. We’re holding a wine tasting event and …

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