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What a difference a month makes…

12 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

What a phenomenal month we’ve had on the fundraising front. Our total now stands at £12k and we’ve been helped by some very generous donations from friends and family of all the Tamar team. We’ve [...]

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Microsoft aim for a billion.

10 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Microsoft is trying to meet its goal of doubling the number of computer users to 2 billion by 2015, by promising cuts in software prices to governments in developing countries that provide free computers to [...]

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To err is human…

10 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

… to forgive divine. Well, this is how the famous quote from Alexander Pope goes, but I don’t think that he had technology in mind when he made it. The initial statement is still applicable [...]

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The dark side of web 2.0

8 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

This week has seen some very interesting developments at the community news website, after a top secret encryption key for HD DVD’s that allows anybody to copy HD DVD’s was made public by users [...]

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The evolution of travel search

3 May 2007 | Tanya Goodin

The new travel portal from Yahoo! has all the features you would expect: an attractive interface and simple navigation. However in an attempt to really stand out against the mass of travel portals out there, [...]

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Remove your content from Google!

24 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Google has enhanced their Webmaster tools to include new functionality which enables users to remove content from their index. There are four different types of removal available to confirmed webmasters: Individual URLs: removes one particular [...]

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Google checkout helps online shoppers

23 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin

UK shoppers will now be able to buy online using a single login. The recently launched Google Checkout service will make shopping online much simpler for customers and retail sites that sign up to the [...]

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Voice-activated local business searching by phone

19 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Google has announced its entry into the mobile search arena by launching its very own ‘directory-like’ service hosted on the company’s Labs site. Google’s voice local search(still in beta) allows you to search for businesses [...]

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Furious bloggers reject rules

18 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Two luminaries in the internet blogoshpere, Tim O’Reilly (credited with coining the term Web 2.0) and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, have suggested a code of conduct in what they see as the lawless world of [...]

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Search engines unite on sitemaps auto-discovery

16 April 2007 | Tanya Goodin have joined the three main players, MSN, Yahoo and Google, in extending the value of sitemaps. Following last autumn’s agreement between the top three to support the use of sitemaps, Ask now joins them [...]