22 February 2008

Search and win!

MSN launch a search and win site We all like to search, well, it’s pretty much all we do online! In an attempt to lure people to use their search Microsoft have launched a new site called ‘bigsnapsearch’. When you conduct a search two playing cards at the top of the results flip over and if they match you win, …

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20 February 2008

Yahoo! catching up to Google according to users

Yahoo! customers (it’s what we are) satisfaction increases We all know Google is the market leader in the search arena, 80% plus, maybe 90% soon? But how do they fare for user satisfaction? And who, if anyone is hot on their tail? Well, a recent report from Keynote Benchmark shows that Yahoo! is actually gaining ground on Google. And while …

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19 February 2008

Search Engine Strategies London 2008

Day One – prospects and hopes? As SES hits London again we are attending to see what the latest thinking is, and to see if we agree with it! The conferences are always good fun and while they can be a bit basic you always pick up a few ideas and tips. There are a number of standout sessions including …

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15 February 2008

Yahoo! Who want a piece of them?

News Corp show interest, or do they? The saga of who actually ends up owning or partnering with Yahoo! once Microsoft tabled a bid was always going to run a wee bit. Rarely is anything as simple as I want to buy you, here is an offer, its agreed and everyone walks away happy. The latest information over the last …

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14 February 2008

The impact of a Google penalty

A Hitwise report on Go Compare One thing we are often asked is what would the result be of a penalty or ban by Google. The answer is often ‘it depends’.  Is it a penalty or ban, and how long or deep is the penalty or ban? Recently Go Compare suffered from a reduction in rankings on Google for some …

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12 February 2008

Microsoft scanning British Library archives

25 million pages from the British library set to be indexed The war for market share in search is being fought on many fronts, not least the race to see who can index the libraries of the world. While Google has been cannily working its way through over 30 world libraries including 1 million books Microsft is in the middle …

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7 February 2008

Mobile internet usage up

Almost 25% of mobile users are online The Mobile Data Association has reported an increase in mobile online browser usage in December. Month on month figures showed an increase from 16.2 million users to 17.5 million users accessed the internet via their phone. While the figures include those downloading ringtones Mike Short, Chair of the MDA, said this increased usage …

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1 February 2008

Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo!

A snip at $44.6 billion! After a few years of negotiation Microsoft have made a bid for Yahoo! In what looks like a serious offer they have highlighted the need to take on the dominant player, I think they mean Google! CEO Steve Ballmer’s letter to the Yahoo! board says “Today, the market is increasingly dominated by one player who …

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1 February 2008

An oldie but goodie! Dance, Dance!

It’s still really funny! Probably one of the most viewd videos ever but I had a look again and it is still utterly brilliant! Enjoy your weekend and if you are going to copy this guy best to do it in your own home!

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25 January 2008

Fancy an upgrade?

Web 6.0, 6pm that is! This is the sort of upgrade that may work well on a Friday evening! I hope you all have a good weekend!

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