19 March 2008

something kinda ooooooh…

I’ve just got my paws on the MacBook Air and it’s gorgeous. Even thinner than my iPhone – check out the side-by-side comparison below. The reviews all  say  much the same thing: the MacBook Air is really, really thin, and a great machine so long as you don’t need the connectivity/ports it doesn’t have. I was also staggered by its …

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17 March 2008

News Results back again

Now between rank #3 and #4 – sometimes! After a holiday it is interesting to see that the News results have started to appear again, well sort of. It’s actually a bit on and off but when they do appear we are seeing them feature between the third and fourth ranked sites on some terms. The quality looks better than …

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14 March 2008

Goats in a tree, 16 of them!

Graze on the following You have got to love this, check out the goats as they get stuck into some grub up a tree! And the thing is there are 16 of them! And don’t even get me started on fainting goats! Have a good weekend!

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11 March 2008

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who caches fastest of them all?

Which search engine caches sites information the quickest? This is a totally one-off example but a recent relaunch of a site shows that even with site maps in place Yahoo! was the quickest to crawl, index and cache the full information of a site. Google was second and MSN last. Google did manage to pick up the title tags very …

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6 March 2008

me and Steve Wozniak…

It’s been a while since I updated this blog and if you want to know the truth it’s because I knew I was about to commit sacrilege. You see I have to admit that I am disappointed with the iPhone. There, said it. Like Steve Wozniak who admitted the same in his blog a few days ago, I waited in …

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6 March 2008

Google updating on the hour, every hour?

Ten o’clock shuffle becomes an hourly shuffle A post I did last week on the regular changes in the Google rankings at 10 am UK time each morning is already looking outdated. We are now seeing about three to four ‘shuffles’ each day, sometimes more. Typically these will be a few early in the morning and then an update in …

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5 March 2008

A glimpse into the future

Matt Cutts of Google gives some 2008 predictions Sir Matt has given his thoughts on what may occur in the rest of 2008, can you believe we are in March already? Anyway, check out what he has to say here. Bear in mind this is his personal blog. Headlines of interest to us and for those who cannot be be …

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4 March 2008

Yahoo! Updating, again!

Weather report reads shuffle and change! A weather report on the Yahoo! blog says that Yahoo! is rolling out some changes to their crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms. So expect some changes in the next two weeks. We are not seeing anything in the UK as yet but as soon as we do see any changes we will let you …

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26 February 2008

The ten o’clock shuffle

Watch the SERPs change, set your watch! Over the last few weeks we have noticed that the Google ranking change at around 10am each morning. While we are seeing several variants of the results depending on which datacenter information is served from at 10 am each morning, or within a few minutes, the results flip from the ‘evening’ set to …

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25 February 2008

No Index Tag, don’t forget about it!

Where’s my site gone? In a brave effort to distract myself from the football this evening (my team is losing) I thought I would tax the grey cells and remind everyone about the No Index tag. This is a tag that excludes the search engines from crawling and indexing your pages and is often used on parked domains or when …

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