7 April 2008

Best for Image Search?

Where do you go for image search? Watching an episode of Miami Ink over the weekend, well, the footie was dull and it was too cold to venture outside, I was intrigued to see that they used the Ask Image Search and not Google as you may suspect or Alta Vista as I always do. And if that’s good enough …

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4 April 2008

Google’s change in AdWords Trademark Policy

5th May marks the day From the 5th of May advertisers will be able to bid on each others registered trademarked terms. There are still some restrictions in terms of trademarked terms being used in the ad copy. But apart from that it loks like open season. We suggest you read here for the offical Google information and here for …

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4 April 2008

Five Gripes About Home Delivery

Well this is a ‘rant’ column!’ If like me you spend your life online you are probably not immune to some impulse online purchases. And apart from items being ‘out of stock’ or shopping baskets not working in firefox the one thing which is guaranteed to get me to buy elsewhere is if the following issues arise with delivery of …

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3 April 2008

Joni Mitchell on Search

So is it an update? And is this your first? For those of you who have been seeing some fluctuations in the rankings on Google, more than usual that is, you may be interested to know that there has been talk of a good old fashioned update – some say it may even be a Google Dance! Now I am …

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29 March 2008

Google Earth Hour

I was confused, but it’s all good! It’s Earth Hour! I was out this evening and as per usual, in a rather sad way, sparked up the laptop and checked out what was going on with Google, and I got this: First thoughts were had Google been hijacked by Blackle? No, of course not! Of course this is Google’s contribution …

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28 March 2008

It’s rant o’clock!

Why the iPhone does not work for me Welcome to our new column called Kent Brockman. This is where we get to have a rant about the things that are bothering us – feel free to join in! I love gadgets, always have always will. But they have to be practical and they work otherwise they go straight under the …

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26 March 2008

Yahoo! to join Google’s ‘Open Social’

My Space get into it as well! Yahoo and MySpace have confirmed that they are joining the Open Social platform to form the nonprofit OpenSocial Foundation along with Google. The Open Social platform allows developers to create a single application that works on multiple sites, which makes sense! It’s encouraging that we are seeing more and more collaberation between the …

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25 March 2008

no more Chinese walls

I was delighted to see today that the BBC website is now accessible from China. It was one of the frustrations on my last trip to Shangahi that it had been blocked by the Chinese government and all the more so because I patiently kept re-trying to access it convinced that there was a connection error until the penny dropped. …

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24 March 2008

REM’s new album on Facebook

Got iLike? Get album! REM are to feature songs from their new album ‘Accelerate’ via Facebook using the iLike application. I suspect that they are targeting a more ‘mature’ audience than that of Bebo! There are also videos of the band as well. Check it out as it is available for your listening pleasure today ahead of the April 1 …

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20 March 2008

Trust Me!

Getting the Search Engines onside It doesn’t matter whether you have an online only business or a bricks and morter shop. Either way you need to install a level of trust before anyone will do business with you. And the same can be said of the search engines. They need to know that your business is a ‘safe’ one before …

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