26 July 2008

PageRank update

Gives us something to chat about! So Matt Cutts has let it be known that there is going to be a PageRank update and indeed we are already seeing some new values apply. It seems like there has been a general downgrading of values on a quick inspection – BBC down from a  9 to an 8? We have also …

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23 July 2008

The older the better

Content? Bah! Links? Bah! Age? Now we are talking! I have seen a few discussions of late which ties in with something I have seen on a few fronts. That is the fact that having no content and no links (relatively speaking) does not stop you ranking if you have a really old site. So take for example a search …

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16 July 2008

Firecrackers go bang!

Office opens loudly! While we have been in China for quite a wee while now we had our offical opening today, complete with firecrackers. My first real experience of Chinese firecrackers at very close hand. And let me tell you, they are loud and long. I don’t think this photo does them justice. We managed to stop the traffic coming …

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15 July 2008

Semantic Search

Natural language search engines evolving There is a really interesting post here by Pierre Far on how some search engines are developing the ability to understand and translate natural language search queries rather than the keyword based methods employed by most people and search engines today. We know this is something that Ask tried to do for a while and …

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12 July 2008

Luddites and landscapes

In the 70s when I was still living at home I opened the door one day to an opportunist salesman who showed my parents an aerial photo of our house, taken the previous week by a plane flying over the Hampshire countryside. My parents were absolutely thrilled with the photo and ordered several copies on the spot. I remember they …

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11 July 2008

MSN search results improve

Well, things could only get better! If you can drag yourself away from Google for a few seconds then check out the search results at MSN as they are actually beginning to look half decent. Now there is still some way to go and I have only scratched the surface with a few of my usual queries but they do …

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4 July 2008

Online is still a good place to be

Another day and more deeply depressing headlines about the UK economy. Firms ‘feel worst’ for 16 years and UK confidence near all-time low just two of the headlines on news.bbc.co.uk which greeted me this morning. It’s enough to make us all pack-up and leave the country (and incidentally the Canadian government are currently offering some very attractive incentives to do …

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25 June 2008

A summer’s day at Blenheim Palace

Yesterday was Tamar’s Summer Insight conference at Blenheim Palace, we had a great turnout with over 60 clients attending which meant most of our client companies were represented. The highlight of the day for me was definitely Richard Titus from the BBC who gave a fascinating presentation on developing the new www.bbc.co.uk home page as well as some blue-sky thinking …

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20 June 2008

Page Load Times

Another reason to speed them up! Google announced the other day that as part of their paid ranking algorithm (Quality Score) they are factoring in the page load time. And we assume they mean quicker is better! Why are they doing this? Well, to quote them ‘Two reasons: First, users have the best experience when they don’t have to wait …

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17 June 2008

Three projects on three continents – job done!

I’ve been so proud with what the Tamar team managed to achieve last week. We had an ambitious plan to work on three projects on three continents simultaneously. Two community-based projects in South Africa and China and an environment-focused project in the UK. Every single member of the Tamar team, in true Tamar style, got their hands well and truly …

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