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The #royalbaby at birth – how do the numbers stack-up? [Infographic]

23 July 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Since Britain’s second-in-line to the throne Prince William, and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, announced they were expecting their first child not only has the Tamar office gone #royalbaby mad, the whole country – [...]

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Tamar delivers latest search report – Royal baby causes search bump

8 July 2013 | Tanya Goodin

As the Duchess of Cambridge approaches her due date, speculation surrounding the royal baby’s gender, sex, name, and even hair colour has intensified online and this has been reflected in baby-orientated search traffic. Our latest [...]

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Digital Milestones – The interactive timeline!

20 June 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Now that our ‘Digital Milestones’ report is finished and published, I wanted to take a moment to share another very cool project we’ve put together to coincide with the report. As the report was originally [...]

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Imagine a world without Google…

18 June 2013 | Tanya Goodin

As you will probably have seen by now, the Number 1 spot in our 18 years ‘Digital Milestones’ white paper (read the full report here, or our blog about the top 10 here) was taken [...]

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Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 2 – Molly

14 May 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Our second office dog at Tamar Towers is Molly, Oli’s big sister. Unlike Oli she only visits us occasionally – much to Oli’s relief as she gets him right under her paw from the moment [...]

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#Spotlight – The model for blogger engagement

2 May 2013 | Tanya Goodin

We’ve now come to the end of our month highlighting the benefits of our influencer engagement tool – Spotlight. Just in case you’ve come to the party late, Spotlight is Tamar’s proprietary  tool for rating the relative [...]

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Britain’s Digital Brands show dramatic annual growth in their social communities on Valentine’s Day

13 February 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Today on Valentine’s Day Tamar is launching our 3rd annual edition of BrandLove25. Our ongoing project to measure the ‘love’ shown in their social media communities for Britain’s leading digital brands. In 2013 the analysis [...]

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10 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2013

11 December 2012 | Tanya Goodin

If you have been following our blog over the years, then you will know that my annual digital predictions posts have become somewhat of a Tamar tradition. And despite being very excited last year in [...]

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A YEAR TO CELEBRATE – Celebrate 2012 with an advent calendar iPhone app from Tamar.

30 November 2012 | Tanya Goodin

Tamar’s YEAR TO CELEBRATE iPhone advent calendar app, launches today in the iTunes app store. The creation of the YEAR TO CELEBRATE campaign began back in October when we started to discuss our client Christmas presents and reflect [...]

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Statistics, big data and neutral mathematical models are the big winners of #Election2012

7 November 2012 | Tanya Goodin

After months of anticipation, over 31 million tweets, one million votes and weeks of campaigning, Barack Obama, beat Romney (did we ever doubt it?) to be re-elected US President for four more years. No surprise [...]