30 September 2008

Heavy traffic, the correct response?

How The Times deals with heavy traffic As you would expect The Times is experiencing a lot of traffic to their website as we all try and keep up to date with the interesting times we live in. So it was useful to see how they dealt with the traffic to their site when it all became a bit too …

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24 September 2008

Static or Dynamic URLs – Which is best?

Google answers, sort of… A recent post here on the Google blog from the search quality team attempted to clarify the situation as to whether dynamic URLs should be re-written as static URLs. Read the post and you may be confused as they say not to change dynamic URLs unless you really know what you are doing. And while that …

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23 September 2008

Marvin? No Google’s Android

Does it have ‘the brain the size of a planet’ as well? So Google have launched their mobile phone, well jointly with T-Mobile, and it looks, well, familiar. Click here for the magical unveiling, all hail the new Emperor, clothes optional. Not be confused with this android it does indeed seem to be a pretty smart cookie. It features a …

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15 September 2008

Getting a site reincluded

How long does it take? One of the joys of working in IT, at least that’s what most people assume I do, is that they thinks you know a lot about computers, and if you ask anyone here they will tell you I know where the on/off button is and that’s on a good day. So requests to get help …

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5 September 2008

Happy Birthday Google!

Can anyone remember life before Google? I certainly struggle to and Tamar is actually three years older than Google, 10 this month. I dimly remember back when Google first became a blip on the internet horizon and murmurs went around the online world that this was a search engine that actually worked and produced genuinely useful results. Google has gone …

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21 August 2008

Search engines need a better understanding.

It will be years before users will be able to type a question into a search engine and get exactly what they looking for. “What do people mean when they type Olympics 2008?”  Shashi Seth, chief revenue officer of Cooliris. He said that guessing what a search query means is still an art and thinks search engines are only successful …

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13 August 2008

Five reasons to add content to your site

Ok, six, but there may be more! We all know, or should know, that adding content to your site is important, after all it’s what users want and search engines lap it up but why else should you add content to your site? You can engage with your customers directly by answering their concerns. If it’s a problem for one …

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7 August 2008

Counting the cost for Yahoo!

Goodness Yahoo! is in a mess isn’t it? Having thought that he’d scraped through a shareholders’ vote of confidence Jerry Yang now finds that a recount of the votes cast against him has been demanded by one of the group’s biggest shareholders  – egged on by billionaire and corporate raider Carl Ichan who thinks Yang is the wrong man for …

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28 July 2008

One trillion web terms!

We all know that the web is rather large, in fact back in 98 when Pantani was rocking the world of cycling and our friends across the water were celebrating winning the World Cup, Big G had already collected 26 million pieces of content.  Even then that was an immense amount of information – in fact I really struggle to …

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28 July 2008

Cuil goes live

It’s a new search engine So does Cuil Irish for knowledge and pronounced cool, live up to the hype? It claims to be bigger than Google (bigger is better right?) and provide more focus on the content. It has some nice features to help you search such as drill downs and categories. It provides more information on each site than …

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