4 November 2008

And the winner of the US Elections is

… the internet! For the first time in my life on the evening of a major UK or US election I’m going out for the evening and I haven’t bothered to check whether there will be a TV nearby to keep me up-to-date with the voting. As long as I’ve got my BlackBerry with my RSS news feeds and access …

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2 November 2008

Why I’m a Bond girl – my Top Five Bond gadgets

Hands up all those who mainly watch Bond for the gadgets? I saw Quantum of Solace last night and whilst I’m not at all immune to the charms of Daniel Craig I confess the real reason I’m an incurable Bond girl is a secret crush on Q and his amazing inventions. I’m convinced that’s why I run a technology company …

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2 November 2008

Odd results on Friday 31st?

Did you see anything? We spotted some strange rankings, well lack of them, last Friday on a number of sites and areas and we did wonder if this was part of any ongoing changes, part of the ‘holiday rankings’ or something else. So arriving back from Cape Town early on Saturday morning while waiting for my luggage, thanks Terminal One …

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1 November 2008

All of a twitter about bowels…

I was trying to explain twitter yesterday to a friend who had never heard of it and seeing his blank incomprehension resorted to “it’s like status updates on steroids”. He got it but it made me think – if twitter is so hard to explain what IS the point? One of the defining characteristics of a great idea is whether …

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29 October 2008

Update from Vuyani

Paving stones, gardens, donations and swings I popped along to the school in Gugulethu today in order to have a wee peaek at a number of developments since my last visit in February to Vuyani. I am pleased to say that real porgress has been maintained with the excellent addition of some paving stones outside the new schoolroom. It might …

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28 October 2008

Blogging is dead….long live the blog?

There’s been a deluge of posts this week about ‘the death of the blog’. ‘All very 2004’ seems to be the conclusion with seasoned observers commenting that amateur blogs have been drowned in the blogosphere by a tsunami of paid bloggers, subversive marketing campaigns and cut-price journalists. It’s true that we’ve recently had to exhort even formerly enthusiastic bloggers in …

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24 October 2008

Does your mother know?

I love the email going round at the moment ‘why you shouldn’t have your work managers as facebook friends‘ which regales the story of the hapless employee who told his boss he was taking the day off sick, got involved in a heated email exchange with him about whether he had to provide proof of illness, and found out to …

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23 October 2008

Mixed Messages

What’s in a name? Of the many emails I get, and like you I get a fair few each day, many get deleted straight away as they are obviously spammy. Others get deleted as their message is clearly not meant for me (‘pills’) and others just make me laugh by trying to appeal to different sides of me I never …

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2 October 2008

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.4

There are many great sites out there, but here are a few that stand out for me. Work is work but you need a good laugh here and there, so here are a few sites that will have you chuckling. 1) Oddee: Great site for completely useless information, they always come up with the weirdest but yet most interesting TRUE …

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1 October 2008

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.2

My favourite websites are all content related, though set in different ways.  The three I have chosen are www.zgeek.com,  www.trustedreviews.com and www.carmagazine.co.uk. ZgeekI have been reading and commenting on Zgeek for a number of years.  It is basically a forum where the homepage serves up news that the users have found around the web.  The content does swing towards the …

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