22 January 2009

Apple still juicy in the crunch

So my finger was bang on the pulse when I noted that Apple's 5th Avenue store seemed to be booming on my recent trip to New York. The company has just posted the best quarterly revenue and earnings in its 10 year history (for the fiscal quarter ending December 2008).  Steve Jobs said that Apple surpassed '$10 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time ever' …

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20 January 2009

A digital inauguration for a digital President

The story of how Obama is determined to keep his BlackBerry while in office brought it home to me how isolated previous US Presidents have been from the 'real' world and how Obama really will be a different kind of President for the 21st century. I've already blogged on how Obama used digital, and especially social, media so efficiently in his campaign …

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16 January 2009

Let me count the ways….

I didn't make the full list of social media New Year's resolutions that I made last year (mainly because learnt from my lessons the year before…) but one of the things I have resolved to do is try and rationalise the ways in which I communicate.  Might sound odd for someone in the communication business but the media have multiplied out of all …

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14 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #6 – StephenFry

If Oscar Wilde was blogging today this is what I imagine his blog would look like. Witty, erudite, packed with razor-sharp observations and a touch of the unexpected…  I've been following Stephen Fry's blog for over a year so it's a bit of a cheat picking it for this Tamar series but I think it's one of the best blogs …

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14 January 2009

Adopt-a-blog #5 – Social Times

The blog I will be mostly writing about today is the Social Times, ironic as I rarely make the time to be social. Launched in Feb 2008 the site was (ctrl c) 'founded by Nick O’Neill, The Social Times was created as a way to leverage social technology to build the social technology industry'. Areas covered range from Advertising through …

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12 January 2009

a toothbrush, an iPhone and a Blackberry

I spent a surprise weekend in New York last weekend. Because it was a surprise I hadn't done my usual OCD thing of researching every possible bar, shop and eating venue in advance. Nor had I packed a single guide book. In fact I've never travelled so light, one small overnight bag, my Blackberry and my iPhone I haven't been to NY for …

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7 January 2009

Monopoly? No thank you!

Nobody likes monopolies, especially when they are not benefiting from them, and this is as true for search as any other sector. Google is usually the search engine singled out with accusations of unfair domination of the market, but it is Baidu’s turn now. The massive Chinese search engine is being by Qmyy.com for losses incurred after it was dropped …

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5 January 2009

Using search engines on the hoof

How to get a better deal using search engines Even though I have moved from the iPhone back to my standard blackberry and it does not render websites as well as the iPhone, I still find I use search engines to get a better price off retailers by comparing prices when shopping. This is really useful as retailers are a …

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2 January 2009

Five reasons to be cheerful in 2009

Gloomy or what? According to the media crunch has now turned to crash, recession to depression and we're now apparently facing the most difficult economic period in decades. Today has been officially designated 'throw a sickie day' with more UK staff forecast to ring in unwell than on any other day of the year. With the current misery of newspaper headlines …

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16 December 2008

What will win for Search in 2009?

It's all about being nimble It's about that time of the year again when people will be asking 'what is going to be big in Search in 2009?' Well, I could go down the usual mobile, universal/blended search, or analytics and social media or how about holistic search strategies between SEO and PPC – and all of these are good. …

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