4 July 2009

PubCon London 09

Pubcon London 09 What better on a sunny summer afternoon than to descend into a darkened beer cellar and drink err, beer? Well, that’s what I did as I headed off to an olde drinking haunt the Cittie of Yorke which I have an interesting history with spanning back 20 years.  I seem to remember a lot of conversations about …

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30 June 2009

Online Marketing Show 09 #OMS09

Online Marketing Show 09 #OMS09 Today I attended the Online Marketing Show at Olympia, convienienlty just up the road. You can see me on their intro video head down while beach ball were kicked around. But more on that later. So on a hot and sunny day what were my impressions and what did I learn? Well, I saw quite …

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30 June 2009

The Internet is not dead… and neither is Jeff Goldblum

To paraphrase Mark Twain: “Reports of the Internet’s death have been great exaggerated”. Unlike poor Michael Jackson. Here on the Tamar blog we’ve remained relatively quiet on the subject of Michael Jackson up until now – mainly because we wanted to let the dust settle before looking for any trends or interesting outcomes. Now that the internet has had a …

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29 June 2009

Host Crowding issues re-emerge?

As I was searching online  at the weekend I noticed that some searches were showing several results from the same domains. Now of itself that’s not a big deal and if relevancy is spot on so what? But of course by allowing a couple of sites to dominate the rankings is that what the search engines should be aiming for? …

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27 June 2009

5 reasons why SEO is like Pilates

So just why is SEO like Pilates? I have been in the SEO space for 12 years and doing Pilates for 8. And as I was in the Pilates studio this morning it occured to me (classic ‘pain’ displacement going on here) that there were several similarities between SEO and Pilates. So here are my top 5! It’s a long …

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24 June 2009

#hpt09 It’s a twitter thing

So yesterday saw me at the ‘Harnessing the Power of Twitter‘  or #hpt09 or even http://tinyurl.com/qyl5md conference and I am sure loads of people will Tweet away and maybe even blog or micro blog on the subject in more detail than me. But I thought I would make a note of the key learnings and my impressions of the day. …

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18 June 2009

British Airways Domain Problem

A lesson to us all from British Airways on denying access to their site. Trying to find out flight arrival times last night I typed in ‘BA Arrivals’ and was presented with  the following result: At this stage I didnt notice the weird URL and clicked through and got this: Note the misspelt  URL: https://bristishairways.com/travel/arrdep/public/en_gb OK, no access, so I …

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16 June 2009

Back to Basics

Over the last week or so quite a lot has happened in the world of Search and while change is good, ‘u turns’ are another thing. The rate of change can be daunting, occasionally you will just be getting your head around a concept and bang, it no longer works or it has been superseded. Anyway, as much as new …

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4 June 2009

Google Squared Live

It’s a comparison engine, that you control I am really pleased that Google Squared is live, albeit on Google labs so still in beta,  as it looks like a tool that could be great fun and really useful. When this was announced as part of Searchology 2009 we thought this was one of the best ideas to come out. Essentially, …

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3 June 2009

Why you should change from Google to Bing

Not that you will, at least, not straight away So Bing is live, or live in Beta but that’s just a smart get out clause we all use. Anyway, ignore the hype and the cynicism, and the vast amount of advertising that is heading your way and actually focus on what may be  a pretty good search engine. We have …

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