29 September 2009

Google Hot Trends

New Improved Hot Trends Our chums at Google have updated their hot trends and it now includes some swanky new graphics, but only if you are in the US and Japan. Hopefully this will make its way over here shortly but there is no word on this on their offical blog post. So a search for the actor William H …

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25 September 2009

How did anti-social become social?

If the history of the world was compressed into 1 year, homosapiens would have been around for 12 minutes, agriculture for 1 minute, the industrial revolution was 2 seconds ago, computers have been around for 4/10 of a second and the internet has been in existence for 1/10 of a second – the blink of an eye.   A lot …

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25 September 2009

What I did in Search this week

Well more what I found out So this is a bit of a roundup, and first thing I am rounding is that putting ‘so’ in front of every sentence is a preppy west coast thing. So I wont do it. Again. Sidewiki Secondly we have seen Google release their Sidewiki. This is run off the latest (so you may need …

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11 August 2009

Google caffeine – strong enough for you?

So is it latte or espresso? For those who havent seen the news Google has launched their next generation of search. And all hell is going to break loose. At least, thats what some would have you believe. Well no, it’s actually a change to the infrastructure and to quote Sitaram Iyer and Matt Cutts of Google  ‘it’s the first …

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10 August 2009

Images in PPC Ads

Sponsored results showing images Just did a quick search for dresses, I need a new one, and came across two ads with images and looks like formatted feeds for three dresses along with prices. One in the second place and one in the last place. I have not seen this before has anyone else? Are the links from shopping feeds? …

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4 August 2009

Vince, I feel a bandwagon coming along

Hop on board with Vince There have been lots of views on the Vince update, a lot of them guesswork. And sometimes with a lack of specific information and evidence that’s all you have to go on. But one thing which has been missed is that right from the get go (5 months ago!) Google said that this was not …

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29 July 2009

Search Engines join forces, Google worried?

YaBing, or Microhoo? Finally Yahoo! and Microsoft have decided to join forces no doubt hoping the synergy they create will be enough to take on Google in both natural search and through their online advertising platforms. By trading search engine technology (Bing to Yahoo!) and advertising platform (Yahoo! to Bing) the plan would be to have an offering that will …

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24 July 2009

Understanding content and context

The challenge for Search Engines This morning I was searching online and came  across a site ranking OK for a niche term but what got me was the fact that that the company was actually in administration and had been for a couple of weeks. On the website home page there were a couple of notices that gave notice of …

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15 July 2009

Blog posts on Google expanded

Additional blog descriptions now included Searching for digital cameras this morning I noticed that the blog descripitons have now been extended to include more detail. Previously there was just the heading and then some limited text. Now,a s you see below you get het title of the Blog, the name of the Blog hosting the content and the date the …

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4 July 2009

PubCon London 09

Pubcon London 09 What better on a sunny summer afternoon than to descend into a darkened beer cellar and drink err, beer? Well, that’s what I did as I headed off to an olde drinking haunt the Cittie of Yorke which I have an interesting history with spanning back 20 years.  I seem to remember a lot of conversations about …

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