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What are the benefits of delivering a multichannel customer experience?

27 October 2009 | Simran Nanda

If you are in the digital industry then I am sure you are already thinking about the benefits you can get from providing your customers with a multi channel experience. Working in a natural search [...]

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Measuring Onsite content

28 September 2009 | Simran Nanda

I was at ad tech on 23rd September and attended quite a few talks during the day. I found one talk particlulary interesting which was about why brands should invest in onsite content and how [...]

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Customer strategy

7 August 2009 | Simran Nanda

Coming from a digital background focusing on SEO, I sometimes forget how important it is to focus on the single most important fact that dictates all marketing strategies – the customer. With an aim to refresh [...]

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Generating revenue from ‘digital content’

30 June 2009 | Simran Nanda

Paid content is the talk of the digital industry these days with quite a few start ups wanting to get their feet wet in this arena. The question is whether they stand a chance to [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #33 – Catwalk Queen

17 March 2009 | Simran Nanda

I believe it is quite essential in our day to day lives to pay attention to the way we dress up and keep up with the changing world of fashion. In today's day and age [...]

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‘Google for film’ search site launched

30 January 2009 | Simran Nanda

You’d be forgiven for thinking from the title of this that Google has added another feature to their specialised universal search engines, but you’d be wrong. FindAnyFilm search site was launched yesterday by the UK [...]

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The best websites in the world…ever.Vol.33

1 December 2008 | Simran Nanda

There are too many to name when it comes to my favorite websites but there are few that I like to visit. Usually my favorite sites will be fashion related like bananarepublic ( I love [...]