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Accessibility – Image replacement

14 July 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Up until recently we have always used Fahrner Image Replacement (FIR) technique on our sites because this is great for when stylesheets are turned off. This is important as our focus is on SEO and [...]

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I hate PowerPoint – Part 2

26 June 2008 | Sarah Graveling

I’ve found my solution to my PowerPoint headache. Keynote! Well, not exactly a solution as being the only fulltime mac user in the office, my colleagues seem rather reluctant to drag themselves away from PowerPoint [...]

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I hate PowerPoint – Part 1

13 May 2008 | Sarah Graveling

It’s clumsy and very hard to make content look pretty. Generally, the use of drop shadows and fading photographs or photographic backgrounds wouldn’t normally be appreciated on the web or print, but for some reason [...]

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To build or not to build?

2 May 2008 | Sarah Graveling

This is a reoccurring question that is often discussed amongst web designers, especially when interviewing for new designers at Tamar. Tamar is relatively unique in that we have always employed web designers that can build [...]

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Hello China!

5 March 2008 | Sarah Graveling

We’ve recently opened an office in Shanghai and are in the process of introducing Chinese translations to our branding, website etc. I wanted to do some research first to get some tips on how we [...]

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Is bigger really better…?

28 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Not the usual argument I’m afraid.I’m talking about the size that we build websites. We currently build all our sites to 800×600 as best practice and have done for the last 8 years, but recently [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #7

22 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Personas Further to the above a way of exploring this in further detail is creating a persona. This is your generic ‘customer’ which most companies should be able to advise you on. For example, recently [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #6

20 February 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Personality I’m not talking about the personality of your website, but the personality of your visitors.Since forever, people have determined that we fall into four different temperaments Methodical, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Competitive. Nobody falls into [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #5

17 January 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Contact Us? If the customer has clicked on the Contact Us button then your website hasn’t really done its job. A good website should identify any questions and answer them. If users are frequently asking [...]

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Call to Action / Conversion #4

16 January 2008 | Sarah Graveling

Quick ideas to improve online conversion Ask yourself the following questions from the customers perspective: Can I find the item I’m looking for?Can I find something that interests me? -    Put top sellers on [...]