16 March 2010

What is Conversion Design?

Conversion design or conversion focused design is the collaboration of several different disciplines creating a journey that is considerate of the varied needs and expectations of the user to maximise conversion. When I first started designing websites over 10 years ago, the main deliverable was a web presence that reflected the brand. Possibly in flash that gained attention, with the …

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16 December 2009

Web design trends we lost in 2009

Do you still think “above the fold” or think that multiple pages are better for SEO? Here I outline how 2009 has seen the thankful demise of a few web design trends or myths: Frames Thanks mainly to W3C accessibility guidelines, the usage of frames has rapidly declined over the years. In fact usability best practices don’t recommend using iFrames …

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3 November 2009

Two key principles to encourage trust online and increase conversion

It’s likely that the first impression many new customers will have of businesses will be gathered from their website. Users will make an instant decision about the site the second they arrive, then spend the rest of the journey looking for key elements to challenge or confirm that reaction. Following some key principles will ensure that expectations are met and …

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9 October 2009

Making content more readable, persuasive and efficient

Most agencies will tell you that content is king and good for search rankings. But will they also tell you how this content can aid users trust in your brand and increase conversion? Is it about quality or quantity and what can you do to improve the power of the content you are writing? Here are a few tips on …

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11 September 2009

Is Twitter more use to brands than Facebook?

Just over a year ago all the big brands were popping up on Facebook.  Creating games, competitions or other methods of engagement and then proudly showing how many fans they had gained. With Twitter becoming increasingly popular this year, I’m definitely leaning towards Twitter being more value to our clients when pushing a campaign. The more random people I follow …

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30 June 2009

Fancy a game of pairs?

More Tamar business cards arrived in this office this week! Tamar’s culture has always been centered around the talent and enthusiasm of the team. We’re a bright bunch, so we wanted this to be visible in the brand, and the business cards are definitely getting some attention… Great for a game of Pairs too!

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17 March 2009

Which website would you most like to redesign?

http://thecookskitchen.com/ There are many reasons why I would like to redesign this site and the main reason is because apart from the way the site looks, fundamentally it's a good site. They have a broad range of products, the content is good including a “Trends” and other sections for browsing, their customer service is reliable with a My Account section …

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4 February 2009

My first website…

My first website was built over 10 years ago… I was in the final year of my Graphic Information Design degree. Google hadn’t surfaced yet and buying something online was very far from my mind, I’d only just received my first email address.  There wasn’t anybody to teach you how to work on the internet then, so I had to …

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28 January 2009

What website do you wish you had designed and why?

I should imagine that most web designers acknowledge the greatness of some of the major players. The Guardian for making an astonishing amount of content accessible and user-friendly. The BBC for encouraging users to tailor make the content. The lucky designers that work on Nike that don’t seem to have the same accessibility constraints that we have in our W3C …

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5 January 2009

Adopt a Blog #1 www.perezhilton.com

I like celebrity gossip. I LOVE a pop/rock biography, read the celebrity pages in the daily newspapers on the tube and regularly buy cheap celeb magazines for long train journeys (excuse). But, there is a line. I stopped buying heat after they wrote an appalling story about Jordan’s son Harvey weight gain (she took Heat to court over this and …

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