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In the news: Are Police Forces Using Twitter Effectively?

27 August 2013 | Sarah Graveling

Police forces faced harsh criticism at the end of last week after an article claimed misuse of the social channel Twitter.  The article published in The Telegraph hit out at the police for using their […]

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Tamar supports The Prince’s Trust in highlighting the exam pressure on young people

22 August 2013 | Sarah Graveling

Last week, youth charity The Prince’s Trust launched a piece of research, based on interviews with 2,342 16-25-year-olds, revealing the effect of poor exam results on young people’s futures. The research found that one in […]

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Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 1 – Oli

13 May 2013 | Sarah Graveling

Those of you who follow us on our social channels will doubtless know that we have an office dog here at Tamar. As well as a wealth of humorous anecdotes, we believe the benefits an […]

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Introducing Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Health and Beauty

2 April 2013 | Sarah Graveling

Blogging originally started off as a way for ordinary people to digitally document everyday life in the form of online diaries. However, within the last decade or so, the blogging trend has dramatically evolved causing […]

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Pinterest on the right path to prove value to brands

19 March 2013 | Sarah Graveling

With ‘Pin it’ buttons becoming as common on product pages as ‘Like’ and ‘Tweet’ buttons, Pinterest is making a notable effort to show businesses the value to their brand of taking Pinterest increasingly seriously with a few key changes: Brand […]

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21st December- Remember When Andy Murray Won Gold?

21 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

After a tumultuous relationship borne through several frustrating Wimbledon appearances, the country finally warmed to Andy Murray in 2012, as we all cheered him for winning Gold. The chilly Scot finally had a massive grin […]

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12th December- Remember the Paralympics Opening Ceremony?

12 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

Today’s top moment, in our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app, is the Paralympic Opening Ceremony. After the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, we didn’t quite know what to expect from the Paralympic Opening Ceremony. The lower key, more poignant display was […]

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10th December- Remember when David Weir Won 4 Paralympic Gold Medals?

10 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

Today’s ‘Year to Celebrate’ entry is a truly remarkable triumph! Not only did paralympian David Weir compete in an outstanding seven races, in just ten days, he completed a total of 35.3 miles, and he […]

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The Hospice and the Ivy

6 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

Our history with Tamar’s Lifeline Charity has seen the Tamar team travel as far as Cape Town and Shanghai, but this year we were slightly closer to home with the a rather shorter trip to […]

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2nd December- Remember when Michael Phelps Became the Greatest Ever Olympian

2 December 2012 | Sarah Graveling

By this point we’re going to assume you’ve already downloaded our Year to Celebrate app – if you haven’t, we suggest you take a moment to have a think about where you went wrong in […]