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Privacy prevails on Facebook

2 December 2009 | Milly Diaz

In an open letter issued last night on the official Facebook blog, founder Mark Zuckerberg spelled the end to networks on the world’s most popular social network for the sake of privacy. Zuckerberg also announced […]

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Stop. Think. Post!

24 November 2009 | Milly Diaz

According to new reports, a Canadian-woman lost her long-term health benefits because of pictures she posted on Facebook. The woman’s insurance company apparently accessed her Facebook profile and used posted pictures to build a case […]

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Twitter Listomania

30 October 2009 | Milly Diaz

Yesterday was a good day! In addition to another fine edition of London Cozytweetup, Twitter gifted me with the ability to create lists! I’m no longer part of the uncool, list-less tweople. As I started […]

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Facebook War Declaration

30 October 2009 | Milly Diaz

Last year, I donated to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. That act landed me on the U.S. Democrats’ email mailing list. Yesterday, I received an email with the subject line, Sarah Palin’s Facebook Lies. I usually […]

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Blogger Regulation: A good thing

6 October 2009 | Milly Diaz

According to new rules revealed Monday by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, American-based bloggers must tell their readers when they’ve been paid and/or given free stuff to review products. Failure to disclose quid pro quo could […]

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Are you on the Twitter blacklist?

29 September 2009 | Milly Diaz

This past weekend, I discovered that tweets from Aaron Williams, Tamar’s Head of Technology (@bayshield), aren’t showing up in Twitter search results. I noticed it on Sunday while I was monitoring tweets about The Prince’s […]

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Twitter: Bots Be Warned?

15 September 2009 | Milly Diaz

According to Mashable, Twitter’s recently announced ‘new’ Terms of Service may mean the end of bots. Apparently, Ev and Biz want to keep things ‘human’ and an account could be subject to termination, “if your […]

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No Joke, Video’s Coming to Print!

20 August 2009 | Milly Diaz

Abso-freaking-mazing! American TV broadcaster CBS has found a way to cut through the noise of our modern “message” saturated world. With the help of ad partner, Pepsi, they’re advertising their fall TV show line up […]

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The Race to 1 Billion – Facebook UK hits 20m

19 August 2009 | Milly Diaz

About a month ago, TechCrunch leaked some internal Twitter papers and the expose revealed Biz Stone and co.’s dreamworld projection of 1 billion tweeters by 2013. Love the ‘blue sky’ thinking, Biz! But, I think […]

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Twitter Meltdown

7 August 2009 | Milly Diaz

I’m a self-cofessed Twitter addict and its two hour downtime on Thursday was painful. In my time of distress, I turned to Google and did a search to find some answers. I was elated to […]