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Who’s visiting your website and what are they visiting it on?

21 March 2013 | Liz Morray

  You only need to hop on a train at commuter o’clock to see the vast number and variety of mobile devices being used. But which demographic uses what devices and when do they use [...]

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Get Valentines sorted… with the help of your smart phone!

8 February 2013 | Liz Morray

Well it’s the 8th February everyone, less than a week till Valentine’s day, so I’ve been having a browse for the best apps for the occasion. For those of you chaps who have a lovely [...]

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24th December- Remember When The Queen Parachuted into the Olympic Stadium?

24 December 2012 | Liz Morray

24th December : The Queen Parachutes into the Olympic Stadium: The Queen, yes, that’s right, not only did she celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this year, she also agreed to take part in the opening ceremony. [...]

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18th December- Remember The Jubilee Concert?

18 December 2012 | Liz Morray

On the 4th June a star-studded spectacular concert was one of many events that celebrated the Queen’s 60 year reign. Featuring performances from the likes of Alfie Boe, Elton John, Gary Barlow, Jules Holland and Tom [...]

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5th December – Remember the Olympics Closing Ceremony?

5 December 2012 | Liz Morray

 A fine example of that saying ‘Everything good must come to an end’, and what a bloody good end it was! The world realised how GREAT Britain is and what better way to celebrate than [...]

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Developing (or re-developing) for iPhone5

16 November 2012 | Liz Morray

As you can’t fail to have heard, Apple’s latest contribution to the smartphone market, the iPhone 5 sports, among other upgrades, a longer screen than its predecessors. While this is a lovely addition for users, [...]

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‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 3 – Socialympics Medal Table

15 August 2012 | Liz Morray

If you’ve visited over the last couple of weeks you’ll have seen our daily Socialympics Medals Table keeping track of how official Olympic teams have fared in social media channels throughout the games. In today’s edition [...]

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Pinterest as a top traffic driver.

30 January 2012 | Liz Morray

You might have read our ‘Ultimate brand advocacy at Pinterest‘ blog by our Creative Director last year. Well we like to think that we’re pretty good at spotting the next big trends so we’re very [...]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

30 November 2011 | Liz Morray

As our office Christmas trees arrive and festive tunes play from our iPod speakers I’m in a Christmassy mood and looking for the best ways to spread some cheer over the next few weeks. Here [...]

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Let’s talk iPhone (4S, not 5)

5 October 2011 | Liz Morray

As anyone who works with, lives with or indeed IS, a nerd will know, Apple made their autumn iPhone announcement yesterday. I’m going to give you a quick run through of the best bits here, [...]