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France crusades against Facebook and Twitter – but no sign of Google

7 June 2011 | Henry Elliss

In a typically Gallic move, the French authorities this week have announced new regulations to outlaw the mentioning of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as part of TV broadcasts – unless they are [...]

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Facebook brand tagging is a sign of things to come

13 May 2011 | Henry Elliss

Facebook announced this week that it is now allowing users to tag brands in photos, in the same way they’d tag a friend or family member. Currently limited to “Brands and Products” or “People” pages [...]

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A Twitter Experiment – The Dangers of Blind ReTweeting

21 April 2011 | Henry Elliss

Yesterday, I did something a bit sneaky. I’d even go as far as to say it was a little bit mean… But it was all in order to make a point, so hopefully those people [...]

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Cashing-in on Charlie Sheen – social media #FAIL or #WIN?

10 March 2011 | Henry Elliss

Note: These opinions are those of the author alone, not or their employees As somebody who has been watching the Charlie Sheen ‘situation’ unfolding for a good few weeks now, I’ve been amazed at [...]

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Coming Soon – the greatest social media movie. Ever!

24 February 2011 | Henry Elliss

Here on the Tamar blog, we usually steer clear of ‘lighter’ news stories, preferring to stick to sharing our opinions or insight on the latest trends/news that will be relevant to our clients and industry [...]

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Facebook launch new photo-viewing interface – downloading now supported

4 February 2011 | Henry Elliss

Note: Usually I’d wait until somebody else had blogged about this before putting virtual pen-to-paper, so that I could refer to official sources, gather opinion and all that jazz. But I’ve not spotted anybody else [...]

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Facebook vs Google – who will fire the next shot?

31 January 2011 | Henry Elliss

Ding ding – Round 2! Over the weekend I found myself reading an article on the Wall Street Journal website entitled ‘Will Google survive Facebook?‘ – a short but interesting piece by James B Stewart, [...]

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Facebook reaches (almost) 600 million users in 210 countries

11 January 2011 | Henry Elliss

A few years ago, when the interest in Facebook was at it’s peak (at least as far as the online media goes), I used to keep a fairly regular eye on the Facebook active user [...]

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Online Christmas Retail white paper update

8 December 2010 | Henry Elliss

We’ve had great feedback on our Retail white paper and one of our contacts gave us an update on the top brands that are ‘mobile ready’ for Christmas. Our research team’s methodology focused on what [...]

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Before 2011… How did our previous predictions fare?

18 November 2010 | Henry Elliss

Before my boss and Tamar’s CEO Tanya Goodin makes her predictions for 2011 (in what has become an annual tradition, not just here at Tamar but in the industry as a whole) I thought it [...]