14 March 2008

What Will Become of Bebo Under AOL?

As you’ll have seen from the newspapers today and yesterday, AOL have just snapped up social networking site Bebo for the bargain price of $850 million. But what will become of Bebo under the helm of the internet giant that has a penchant for buying smaller companies? Let’s look at some of the other websites or companies AOL has bought …

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7 March 2008

Packrat Creators Honour SXSW Conference

It looks like the makers of Packrat are celebrating the start of the SXSW (South by South West) conference – March 7th to 16th in Texas, as they have added a new collection to the game this evening. Amongst the cards you can collect is: Internet blogger Dooce, aka Heather Armstrong. According to Wikipedia, Armstrong has written extensively and sometimes …

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6 March 2008

Social Media Mavens Getting Richer

I’m sure you’ll all have seen the stories in the news this morning announcing that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made it on to this year’s Forbes Rich-list in position number 785. But who else from the world of Search and Social Media is on the list? Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page grab joint 5th place with a …

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29 February 2008

PackRat – Most Addictive Facebook Game So Far?

Over the past few weeks I have been ‘reviewing’ (aka. slowly getting addicted to) a number of new applications on Facebook, with my current favourite being Packrat. It’s one of those games that isn’t entirely obvious at first glance, but once you start playing you will struggle to get anything else done – at least if you’re a fan of …

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22 February 2008

Facebook Fatigue? That’s Sooo Last Month!

The boffins at Nielsen have put out a report showing that social networking use has seen a drop in user numbers for the first time in ages – and it’s getting picked up by a lot of major news outlets, including the Guardian, the Times, Telegraph, Forbes and even the Mirror. But are the numbers a good indication of the …

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18 February 2008

UK political parties failing miserably online

Back in October, we posted a note on how the Tories were winning the battle for the (web 2.0) popularity contest. Well, according to a paper posted by the Centre for Policy Studies today, the only political party who are actually utilising anywhere near the full power of the social web is the controversial BNP. The study, written by Robert …

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13 February 2008

UK ALMOST beating Canada on Facebook Users

The battle for second place in the "Facebook Active Users" chart continues at pace, with the UK now showing signs of a late charge. As of this morning there are only 15,000 users separating the two, and if the UK continues to rise at the pace they have been for the past few months, we could soon be stealing the …

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8 February 2008

Chris Moyles Makes Waves on Facebook

As the Guardian Unlimited pointed out in their blog this week, the Chris Moyles Radio 1 show have recently gained themselves a Facebook fan page – which is getting HUGE amounts of interest from Facebookers. Live for less than a fortnight, the page was initially set up by a fan (according to the Moyles forum) but soon got picked up …

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4 February 2008

Great Facebook article in the Times

In case you don’t read the Times (or the Times Online!), here’s a link to the brilliant article that ran over the weekend on Facebook, including quotes from both myself and Tamar CEO Tanya Goodin. Who’s Pressing Your Buttons on Facebook? It’s definitely worth a read if you have even the slighted interest in Facebook, and the online version also …

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28 January 2008

A Small World? I Wouldn’t Know!

For a while now, I’ve been desperately searching for somebody who can invite me to the Social Network "A Small World" – so far to no avail. It is becoming evident that I obviously don’t hang around in the right social circles – despite having over 450 friends on Facebook, not a single one of them (as far as I …

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