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Facebook adds Bebo as a friend

14 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

In case you missed this yesterday, Bebo announced this week that they are linking up their application platform with Facebook’s API, in a move that could be seen as a blow to Google’s OpenSocial announcement [...]

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Facebook “IS” no more…!

13 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

Logging on this morning, I noticed that Facebook have finally bowed to pressure and removed the mandatory "is" from status updates. No longer will we have to limit ourselves to statuses that fit in with [...]

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Scrabble with the Stars

9 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

Because I’m a huge fan of the Facebook Scrabulous application, and because I’m also a fan of shamelessly gawping over famous people, I’ve decided to run a little league of famous people I have played [...]

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Flickr Finally Launches Picnik

6 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

The Flickr Blog today announced the launch of the long-awaited new Photo Editing feature in partnership with the experienced photo-wizards at Picnik. For those of you that haven’t visited Picnik before, it’s a great piece [...]

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Facebook Apologises – Can We MoveOn Now?

6 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

So Facebook founder and all round publicity-magnet (at the moment at least) Mark Zuckerberg has apologised for the recent Beacon "mistake" on the Facebook blog. Ironically the post seems to have become a bit buried [...]

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MySpace Transmissions – Confusing!

4 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

MySpace appear to have soft-launched their new "Transmissions" service (profile?) today, with James Blunt’s face splashed all over the page. It’s not entirely clear what the service does (or indeed what any of those sliders [...]

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How Powerful can Facebook Groups be?

3 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

The MoveOn group which was set up to protest Facebook’s beacon system has now reached 65,000 members and continues to grow – and a lot of the members are taking the credit for Facebook changing [...]

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Big Changes to Facebook Beacon

30 November 2007 | Henry Elliss

Well, it looks like people-power has forced Facebook to change their new Beacon system from being Opt-out by default to now being an explicit opt-in instead. Several sites and groups have sprung up in the [...]

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Facebook Loses Half a Million US Members In Week

29 November 2007 | Henry Elliss

For the past couple of weeks – since Facebook’s new Social Ads system has been rolled out – I’ve been keeping a close eye on the number of Facebook users in their Top 10 countries. [...]

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The Great Facebook Stats Quiz – The Answers!

23 November 2007 | Henry Elliss

For those of you that had an attempt at yesterday’s Facebook stats quiz, here are the questions again along with all the stats that make up the answers. How did you fair? 1) Which are [...]