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Did Word-gamers shoot themselves in the foot?

17 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few days, you’ll no doubt have noticed the furore developing over the potential removal of Scrabulous from Facebook. It seems that the folk at Hasbro / [...]

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9 Facebook Tips That You May Not Know…

14 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

NOTE: As some of these tips are out of date now (though not all), we’ve done an updated post with 7 more tips.. Click here to read it! Here’s some tips from a seasoned Facebook [...]

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Facebook Limiting Profile Apps to 12

11 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Facebook have announced on their Developer Blog that they’re launching a new "profile clean-up" tool in response to users complaining that other peoples profiles are getting too cluttered. Similar to the windows "clean up your [...]

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US Facebook Numbers Continue to Rise

7 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Because I’m a bit of a number fiend, I’m continuing to monitor the number of Facebook users on a weekly basis (possibly rising to twice-weekly now, since I’m so impatient!) and below you can see [...]

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Bebo Crowned “Best” Social Network

4 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Social Networking site Bebo has trumped it’s more-publicised rival Facebook today, after it was praised as being the "Best Performing" (whatever that means) Social Network by the famous experts at "Computer Which?" magazine… It received [...]

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How well optimised am I?

2 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Since I’m lucky enough to have a relatively unique name, a Google search for my name reveals a wealth of information about me – and also seems to give a good indication of which Social [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

2 January 2008 | Henry Elliss

Happy New Year to all our readers, I trust you all had a nice Winter break? Because 2008 seems certain to be the year that Social Media really hits the mainstream, I’ve decided to make [...]

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Facebook Growth Examined – Part 1

21 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

As you’ll have seen from my post last month on the dip in Facebook’s active users in the US, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the number of active users on everyone’s favourite social [...]

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Facebook Friend Lists Arrive

19 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

Things must be very busy over in Palo Alto at the moment, as Facebook continue to roll out new features in time for the Christmas holidays. Today’s new addition is Facebook Friend Lists, a feature [...]

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Bebo Upsets Developers with Semi-launch

17 December 2007 | Henry Elliss

Last week we talked about how Bebo have now opened up their application platform to allow Facebook developers to integrate their apps without having to conform to the new OpenSocial standard with Google recently launched. [...]