18 September 2008

The Importance of Social Insight in Times of Crisis

As we seem to be waking up to increasingly worse headlines every morning at the moment – Financial Meltdown this, Global Crisis that – it strikes me that monitoring mentions of your brand online (or Social Insight as I like to call it) is even more crucial than it has been previously. Whether you are a company that is struggling …

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11 September 2008

New Facebook Profiles Permanent… Maybe

So today was apparently going to be the day when all Facebook users would be forced to switch to the new layout, and the change was going to be made obvious by the removal of the "Switch back to the old Facebook" bar at the top. But said bar seems to have reappeared. What gives? Have the members of "1,000,000 …

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8 September 2008

Google Crawling Public Facebook Groups

According to the guys over at AllFacebook, Facebook have now granted Google access to Facebook groups and events, extending the search engine’s reach in to the previously login-only site. Whilst individual users profiles are still safely hidden (no need to start any protest groups quite yet!), groups and events that are set as "public" will now turn up in relevant …

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3 September 2008

My Facebook Wishlist – AKA My Top 8 Gripes!

As regular readers will attest, I’m a big fan of Facebook and have been for a long time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see it’s flaws – and I’ve been told there are many. I can however only speak for myself, so I’ve put together my Top 8 list of Things I’d like to see Facebook improving / fixing …

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28 August 2008

Google Streetview in Chiswick (photo) Drive-by!

Despite being hit by a few road-blocks along the way – not least of all the news that they would have to blur out every single face seen on their new UK-based photos, in order to satisfy the grandly title ‘Information Commissioner‘ – Google continue to drive round the streets of London taking photos with their odd looking cars. I …

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21 August 2008

Michael Phelps’ Facebook Popularity Soars

Record-breaking Olympian Michael Phelps might be over in China right now, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook users showing their love for him. As of this morning, his Facebook fan page had shot to the top of the rankings – second only to Barrack Obama at the moment, but set to overtake him any day now. With 1,258,316 fans and counting, …

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20 August 2008

Downing Street In Clever-Use-of-YouTube Shocker!

It looks like the back-room nerds at 10 Downing Street have finally woken up to the power of Social Media, and in particular YouTube. And even better than that, they’ve upset the opposition in the process! The current furore is surrounding a video response that Downing St have put up on their YouTube channel in response to the famous "Jeremy …

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20 August 2008

Bebo Spam On the Increase?

I doubt I’m alone in this, but would love to hear any feedback from other readers – has anyone else noticed the levels of spam or fake friend requests increasing on Bebo lately? I seem to have gone from nothing to around 2 or 3 fake requests per week, with no obvious reason for the increase. I wouldn’t consider myself …

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18 August 2008

Canada Tops Facebook List – Global Users 117m

As regular readers will know, we keep a close eye on Facebook’s active user figures on a regular basis round here, to monitor the movers and losers in the world of Facebook. Well, whilst updating the figures this morning I noticed they’d taken quite a jump – the USA for instance has gone from reporting 28 million active users last …

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14 August 2008

Is Free Mobile Usage The Future?

In my capacity as Head of Social Media here at Tamar, I get to meet a lot of interesting people – some tell me things I already knew; some try to sell me their services; and some tell me about their products and why I should be selling them to our clients on their behalf. Yesterday saw a mix of …

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