4 November 2008

SMX London 2008 – Day 1 Session 1

Well it’s that time of year again and SMX London has rolled in to town, complete with most of the usual familiar faces (Chris Sherman is chairing, the lovely Vanessa Fox is in attendance – sadly no sign of Danny Sullivan…) and all the usual gubbins. I’ve been taking copious notes in the sessions I’ve been to so far, so …

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31 October 2008

How is BrandRossGate Panning Out Online?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few days (or perhaps you gave up and set all your RSS feeds to ‘Crunch-related-only’?) you’ll doubtless know that there’s a bit of a furore going on over at the BBC about some comments that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand made on the latter’s radio show, in answer-phone messages to …

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29 October 2008

The best websites in the world…ever. Vol.18

When it came to pinning down a definitive list of my favourite three websites, I found it quite hard to actually wittle the list down to just three. Plus, I didn’t want to put anything too incriminating or obvious in, ha ha. So these are my top 3 sites today, but that may well change by tomorrow, or even this …

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22 October 2008

Stephen Fry Goes all 2.0

It’s not my turn to list my favourite websites quite yet, but I couldn’t resist telling you about one of my favourite websites none-the-less, especially as it’s got a new social media edge to it. One of England’s finest national treasures, Stephen Fry, has relaunched his website this week with an all-new and shiny web 2.0 twist. Partly to coincide …

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14 October 2008

New Google Webmaster Tool – 404 Links

As announced by the legendary Matt Cutts this morning, Google Webmaster Tools have added a new widget today, which provides a very useful method of picking up some wasted link juice. The new widget is a 404 error checker that basically lists all the times a 404 error page has been crawled on your site, and where it was linked …

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8 October 2008

Live Search Rolls on to Facebook

Just a little under a year after Microsoft bought a $240 million stake in Facebook, the effects of that deal are beginning to become evident. As has been predicted for a while now, today finally saw the roll-out of Microsoft Live search on Facebook, though (reportedly) only in the US at the moment… though I can definitely see it on …

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6 October 2008

When Celebrities DON’T Network! Andrew Collins

Regular readers of this blog will remember back in June we ran a series of short interviews with a selection of famous types about their use of Social Media – Dom Joly, Danny Wallace and Gabby Logan to name but three. One of the people we interviewed was comedian Richard Herring, who fans of his will know does a regular …

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6 October 2008

Facebook in the Queen’s English?

Most of you logging in to Facebook this morning will have been greeted by the following message, which probably confused you as much as it did me: It looks like Facebook is really ramping up it’s translation program, which is great news for all the people in the non-English speaking countries that are currently experiencing a Facebook boom (see this …

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1 October 2008

Henry is… updating his status in many places!

As regular readers will know, I’ve been a Facebook user for over 18 months now and still find time to update my status on a regular basis. Despite being of no real value to me, I like to keep my friends updated as to my whereabouts / activities, though in reality I spend more brain power trying to think of …

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19 September 2008

Bebo Launches Student TV Show – Rewards Fans

After their past successes, including Kate Modern, it looks like Bebo are set to launch a new internet-based TV show aimed at the UK. Their new series, ‘Meet the Freshers’, begins at the end of September (just in time for the start of a new University term) and seems to be set to get tongues wagging from the off. The …

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