30 April 2009

10 reasons why The Apprentice is like SEO

As an avid fan of the BBC’s finest show – The Apprentice – I regularly tune in to watch the latest goings-on in Sir Alan Sugar’s boardroom, and last night was no exception. But whilst watching, I was suddenly struck by the parallels between SEO and the firings and hirings of Britain’s “finest business minds”…     For any American’s …

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21 April 2009

Jeeves is back – and this time he’s social!

So after three years in the wilderness, the clever people over at Ask.com have decided to invite their famous butler Jeeves back in from the cold, in the hopes that his return will give them the edge over at least a few of their competitors. Whilst they are unlikely to be troubling Google's current domination any time soon, they have …

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17 April 2009

Official – Ashton Kutcher bigger than CNN

Seriously though Ashton, what's with the crazy hat?!For those of you that have been following the big Ashton vs CNN contest over on Twitter (or maybe you read my story about it yesterday?) I'm pleased to announce that at about 7am GMT on Friday the 17th, Ashton took the first "1,000,000 followers" crown – and if you were following him …

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16 April 2009

Celebrities getting charitable with Twitter

The world of Twitter has been a-buzz in the past couple of days with talk of celebrities 'giving back' via Twitter. X-men star and all-round Australian nice-guy Hugh Jackman has pledged to give $100,000 to a non-profit charity that can pitch their cause to him using only 140 characters (the standard message format on Twitter) – an announcement which seems …

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2 April 2009

Wales Wikia Wound-up – Wouldn’t Work Well

In a piece of news that probably caused some confusion due to it's release date (April 1st – though evidently it wasn't a joke), Wikipedia founder James Wales announced his decision to close his 'Wikia Search' search engine yesterday, citing a lack of success for the project's demise. In a post on his blog, Wales explained: "I personally believe in …

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31 March 2009

Aussie bankers using twitter to help customers

As Head of Social Media here at Tamar, I love to see examples of brands who are embracing Social Media – especially ones in less 'glamorous' industries like banking or finance. It doesn't happen often enough for my liking, so I'm happy to take the goodness when I can get it – hence why I was so pleased to see …

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26 March 2009

Tamar @ Econsultancy Digital Cream

A week or so ago I attended the Econsultancy 'Digital Cream' event here in London, where we were sponsoring the Social Media table. It was a great event, which you can find out more about on their website here – a bit bizarrely, for me at least, the event was held under 'Chatham House Rules' – something I'd never come …

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24 March 2009

“I’m sorry John – it’s Twitter or me!”

Anybody who has tried juggling a demanding relationship with an addiction to social networking will know that it can be hard to balance your online time with your loved-one time… Well, according to the Telegraph, and that old journalistic staple 'a friend of the actress', Twitter is copping the blame for the recent break-up of celebrity A-list couple Jennifer Aniston and …

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16 March 2009

Coca Cola doing the right thing on Facebook

There is a great story on AdAge today detailing the rise in popularity of the Coca Cola Facebook fan page, and how it came to be, despite not being ('scuse the ironic pun) quite 'The Real Thing'… In a nutshell (for those of you that don't have time to read the full article), the story is interesting because the page …

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