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Tamar: Pets at work put their best paw forward

20 May 2013 | Helen Booth

Over the last week Tamar have been emphasising the benefits of office pets, but we also want to talk about the great things they do outside of the office! Yesterday our office dogs, Oli & Molly, embarked on […]

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Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 3 – Maddie

15 May 2013 | Helen Booth

  The office dog at 31DOVER towers is Maddie, we like to call her our BarDog, the perfect aide to The Barman. She is a gorgeous small black lab and in the office occasionally – […]

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23rd December- Remember the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

23 December 2012 | Helen Booth

23rd December:  All that British cynicism and apathy finally vanished, as we were all stunned by Danny Boyle’s creative, eccentric and totally, wonderfully British opening ceremony.  ‘Isles of wonder’ featured athletes from over 200 countries. […]

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14th Remember when Bradley Wiggins was Enthroned?

14 December 2012 | Helen Booth

Today, in our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app we celebrate Bradley Wiggins being crowned king of the biking world ‘Wiggo’ made victory look both effortless  and cool when he sat outside Hampton Court at the end […]

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3rd December- Remember when Chris Hoy Became the Greatest British Olympian

3 December 2012 | Helen Booth

If you weren’t already, surely you MUST be feeling Christmas-y by now! Apart from you scrooges who *still* haven’t downloaded our app. I hope you realise that Santa knows when you’ve been naughty… Unless you don’t want presents this […]

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Are you getting ROI or an RO’Lie’?

27 March 2012 | Helen Booth

As we move into the next quarter and for some, financial year,  I expect many brands will be looking at their digital channels and questioning whether or not they’re getting the best ROI? I get […]

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One office and its dog – A curious tail…

26 January 2012 | Helen Booth

Meet Oli (short for Oliphant) our office dog: For all of you that haven’t see our endless tweeting and ‘instagram’ing of his adventures! In case you’re wondering, he’s half Jack Russell (no suprises) and half […]

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All I want for Christmas is… a good view!

21 December 2011 | Helen Booth

I am all for small businesses and thanks to the marmite (love or hate her) red head that is Mary Portas, we know that people are crying out for mini-busi’s ! Unlike your small independent […]

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Why you need to be investing more into social media

21 November 2011 | Helen Booth

Brands just aren’t investing enough in Social Media… I’d be worried if your first response to that isn’t “well she would say that”, because you would be right – I would! As per my last […]

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Full service vs specialist agencies: jack of all trades… master of one?

20 October 2011 | Helen Booth

There are 3 main options when choosing who implements your digital marketing campaign: 1. Inhouse 2. Full-service 3. Specialist Which is best? I’m taking ‘inhouse’ out of the equation on this occasion as ‘insourcing v […]