26 July 2016

Crucial Google algorithm updates 2016 #1

Google makes over 600 changes to its algorithm in a year which equates to roughly two changes every day. Changes the search giant makes range from cosmetic ones on how the results will appear, to rank and visibility affecting core algorithm changes. Rolling out changes at such a frequency is not new for Google, however, some of the changes late …

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18 May 2016

How Natural Language Processing is changing SEO

It is well-accepted in the digital marketing industry, especially in organic search, that the focus is shifting from keyword-based strategies online to ones that focus on fulfilling intent.  The stimulus for this has come from Google itself and its improving ability to understand the human language. The appearance of Knowledge Graph boxes, Answer Boxes, Featured Snippets, Local pack results etc. are …

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28 April 2016

4 Google features from the US elections that brands should adopt

The 2016 Presidential candidate election is one of the most buzzing events in recent history. This buzz is fuelled further by audience engagement in form of online search, video views and social media interactions. To meet the rising need for instant election information, Google has introduced several features that serve as a window into its future plans. Brands interested in staying …

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14 April 2016

Adblocking means SEO is vital for brands

The rising use of ad blockers is currently a hot topic in the digital media industry. Publishers and paid media providers have been increasingly engaged in legal skirmishes with courts, ad blocking providers and web browser companies. The latest in the legal losing streak comes from Germany, where a court has rejected claims that ad blocking providers are illegal. As ad …

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23 March 2016

6 reasons to celebrate the removal of PageRank

The sun has has finally set on PageRank – one of the many algorithms used by the Google in the past. But why is that something to celebrate? If you’ve never heard of PageRank, it was essentially a lot of complex calculations and checks boiled-down into an “out of 10” score. While it might sound useful, in reality, it hugely over-simplified …

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data science and seo
22 March 2016

Is Data Science at the core of your business?

While it might have been acceptable for organisations to take the ‘big data’ movement lightly a few years ago, more and more evidence is emerging that data science needs to be put at the core of any business. Here are just six mind-boggling stats on big data from this very comprehensive list. We have generated more data in the last …

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25 February 2016

6 things you should know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

Last year in October Google announced their Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. The initiative aims to dramatically improve page load speeds, user experience and content performance on mobile devices for certain queries. Initially launched in collaboration with 30 publishers and technology firms (including Twitter, LinkedIn and Guardian) the latest discussions on the Webmasterworld forum strongly suggest that this has been rolled out by Google worldwide. The …

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11 February 2016

Does ‘user intent’ herald the death of the keyword?

Among the numerous updates (500+ according to some estimates) that Google makes each year, one significant update to the algorithm happened around January 10th that – as usual – generated an heap of fluctuation and visibility correlation studies. One interesting study came from Searchmetrics. One of the most relevant topics the analysis presents is the issue of fulfilling user intent. The study makes …

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11 December 2015

5 SEO tactics that will still be relevant in 2016

With the new year approaching it is fairly standard practice for marketing blogs to start predicting the future of SEO or digital marketing. For our own take on the upcoming you can read Tamar’s top 10 digital marketing predictions for 2016. While it’s necessary to look towards the future, it is equally important to remember what still works and delivers result …

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18 December 2014

Keep calm and Search on!

Google released its ‘year in search’ video, highlighting the top searches for the year and the following queries were on top of our minds in the past year. Robin Williams World Cup Ebola Malaysia Airlines ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Flappy Bird Conchita Wurst ISIS Frozen Sochi Olympics   Closer to home, in the UK the top items that dominated our hunger …

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