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5 things you need to know about a Google Penalty

3 March 2014 | Asad Imam

If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of a Google penalty, consider yourself lucky. A Google penalty (sometimes referred to as a ‘manual action’) is applied to a site when Google finds out that […]

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5 key ways to improve your mobile seo

17 February 2014 | Asad Imam

During the run-up to Christmas, we talked a fair bit about the value of mobile traffic to retailers. Recent findings confirm that traffic from mobile devices has almost tripled year-on-year, and now constitutes nearly 25% of […]

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How do you project revenue potential from SEO? Introducing RevenueMapper™

3 September 2013 | Asad Imam

“SEO Is Here To Stay, It Will Never Die” – Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land A common challenge that SEOs often face is educating their clients (both existing and potential) to help them understand why […]

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15th December- Remember the Appearance of the First Saudi Athlete?

15 December 2012 | Asad Imam

Today our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app celebrates the first EVER Saudi female athletes to compete in the Olympics. Track athlete Sarah Atar and judoka Wojdan Shaherkani made history when they competed at London 2012. This […]

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6th December- Remember Bradley Wiggins Tour de France Victory?

6 December 2012 | Asad Imam

Today’s ‘Year to celebrate’ entry is probably the hairiest of the bunch. Yes, it’s the legend that is WIGGO! Combining his many years of training with raw talent, and of course those epic sideburns,Bradley Wiggins […]

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7 ‘must have’ elements of retail SEO

12 September 2012 | Asad Imam

The average online customer is now more information-driven than ever before – with a propensity to automatically refer to search engines for anything on his/her mind. And the world of online shopping is no different. […]

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International SEO and the perils of duplicate content

6 March 2012 | Asad Imam

Many brands are considering the huge potential of international expansion in the current economic climate and international SEO definitely presents a unique series of challenges for any digital marketer. There are three main strategies that […]

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2012 the year of ‘Rise of the planet of SOCIAL SEO’

16 January 2012 | Asad Imam

The past 12 months have been a steep learning curve for the SEO industry. Thanks to the multiple iterations of the Google Panda update, the introduction of +1, Google+ and the “freshness” algorithm, the SEO […]

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Work the long tail and the traffic will come

16 December 2011 | Asad Imam

In this blog post I want to focus on strategies that you can adopt to increase the number of long tail keywords that can be associated with your website. Long tail keywords are the hundreds […]

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How the Networked Economy can help your link building strategy

24 October 2011 | Asad Imam

For my latest post, I wanted to emphasize the significance of creative link building using promotions or give-aways. The most fascinating aspect for me is that I was introduced to the importance of link building […]