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BP proves there’s no such thing as bad publicity

9 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

It would appear that BP is taking the old adage ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ very seriously. The company suffered a massive PR setback earlier this year after a leaking undersea well in [...]

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It’s CSR time in Cape Town!

8 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

It’s CSR time in Cape Town and once again we are looking forward to helping out at Vuyani Primary. Every year the Tamar Cape Town raises funds which are used to help out at the [...]

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World Cup Online: Google vs Bing

7 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

It has been a while since I’ve done one of my comparison posts and with the World Cup less than a week away from kick-off, the timing seems ideal. So, the question is, which search [...]

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Kick off your World Cup experience online

2 June 2010 | Annie Wakefield

The 2010 Football World Cup kick off is a week away! Here in Tamar’s Cape Town office we have gotten into the spirit of things, throwing ourselves behind our boys in green and gold. Some [...]

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How are social networks making money?

6 May 2010 | Annie Wakefield

Is Social Media making money off you? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and so on are useful tools. We use them for many reasons, such as keeping in touch and sharing information. [...]

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Google offers ‘similar’ pages

28 April 2010 | Annie Wakefield

There is no doubt that one of the best things about the internet is having a choice. I’m pretty certain there’s a website out there dedicated to absolutely anything you can think of (or at [...]

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Facebook gets even more connected

20 April 2010 | Annie Wakefield

Facebook is about making connections. And as Facebook has evolved over the years, these connections have extended beyond the realm of people you know, to include organisations, interests and more. Pages and groups are two [...]

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Twitter, Twitter, everywhere…

16 March 2010 | Annie Wakefield

The founder of  Twitter has announced another new feature to be added to the popular social media platform. In a low key session at the SXSW event this week, Evan Williams explained how @Anywhere has [...]

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Social media infiltrates Microsoft’s Outlook

17 February 2010 | Annie Wakefield

Something came to my attention this morning and I must be honest, I have mixed feelings about it, but I can see the practicality of it. Microsoft’s information manager (their term, not mine), Outlook, now [...]

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Google Buzz – damp squib or firecracker?

17 February 2010 | Annie Wakefield

Last week, Google finally joined the social media trend by integrating social networking into Gmail. Unfortunately ‘Buzz’ has run into some pretty big problems pretty immediately. Buzz users and bloggers noticed that there were some [...]