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Adopt-a-blog # 16 – Nick Hornby’s Blog

3 February 2009 | Annie Wakefield

According to Zadie Smith, Nick Hornby believes that beautiful songs, beautiful books, and yes, the beautiful game, are the great forces which guide the world. This might make him sound like a great, and good, [...]

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A little more from the copy writing team

15 January 2009 | Annie Wakefield

As much a optimising for keywords is important in SEO, it is important for copy writers to remember that real people will be reading the website, press release or blog and that it is these [...]

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Adopt-a-blog #2 – StereoGum

8 January 2009 | Annie Wakefield

When Henry first came up with the idea of reviewing blogs I was really excited by the idea, I love reading blogs, well, I just love reading really. So I read blogs, they're by the [...]

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Hottest gadget predictions of 2009

8 January 2009 | Annie Wakefield

I was wandering the wonderful web earlier today and I stumbled across a website called Gadgetophilia. The site claims to have an obsessive fascination with gadgets. Now, I certainly do not have an obsessive fascination [...]

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Hackers target Twitter

6 January 2009 | Annie Wakefield

It would seem that phishing spammers truly are taking over social networks. Many of our favourite networks have been targeted and it has become quite a problem. Facebook has seen a dramatic increase in spam [...]

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Top 100 sites of 2009

23 December 2008 | Annie Wakefield

I'm a big fan of the website, which I read often to keep up with book and movie reviews and get a good idea of whats happening in the world of art and culture. [...]

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2009: Summer of the Android phone?

10 December 2008 | Annie Wakefield

The Google-backed group behind the Android phone, the Open Handset Alliance, has announced that fourteen new companies have joined the consortium, with an eye to supporting Android and contributing to the group's open mobile standards [...]

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Facebook improves its video service

8 December 2008 | Annie Wakefield

Now I don't know all that much about watching videos on Facebook, because I think that youtube is just better. However, Facebook have made a huge stride forward by improving their video services and I [...]

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Do we really need to blog?

28 November 2008 | Annie Wakefield

Well, yes, we do. A blog allows readers to interact regularly with you, your company, or even your product. Whether you have a blog to promote your business, express your views, or stay in touch [...]

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The best websites in the world…ever.Vol.30

25 November 2008 | Annie Wakefield

It would seem I am the 30th person to do a review of my favourite websites, this is very difficult to be honest, there are too many websites out there that I visit regularly and [...]