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How to measure the effectiveness of a link

15 August 2013 | Andrew Mobbs

If there’s anything the Tamar SEO team has really fine-tuned over the years, it’s how to assess the quality of an incoming link. Over the past 18 years we have assessed links to our clients’ [...]

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The Importance of Meta Data for SEO

13 May 2013 | Andrew Mobbs

Here at Tamar, we like to ensure that the work we do with our clients is always focused on the end-game of getting results. With SEO in particular there are a wealth of different tactics you can [...]

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Rankings are dead – long live conversion!

19 March 2013 | Andrew Mobbs

We all know how much the search environment has changed over the past two years. The percentage of “not provided” visits has gone from tiny numbers and to double digit percentages. In this time we [...]

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22nd December – Remember When Mo Farah Won 10km Gold?

22 December 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

22nd December:  A moment that will forever go down in sporting history: Mo Farah’s Olympic Gold for completing the 10km in just 47 minutes. With one medal in hand, Farah went on to win ANOTHER [...]

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17th December- Remember When Tom Daley Won Bronze?

17 December 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

Poster boy of the Olympics, eighteen year old Tom Daley, started diving at just seven years old and specialises in the 10 metre platform event. After a tumultuous Olympics which saw him become the focus [...]

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8th December -Remember when Beth Tweddle Finally Won her Olympic Medal

8 December 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

Highly talented, and world championship winning gymnast, Beth Tweddle, had never won an Olympic medal. Until, London 2012… Not only was London 2012 on home turf, and her final Olympics, she finally got that truly [...]

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Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation – Not Lost In Translation

16 November 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

Optimising your website for multiple languages (multilingual SEO) is similar to standard SEO, except that it’s carried out for a different language. Specifically writing content for the country you are targeting is important because there [...]

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Tamar and our CEO are placed at the heart of social media London community, according to new map

24 October 2012 | Andrew Mobbs

It’s official – Tamar and our CEO Tanya Goodin are right at the centre of the social media community in London, as depicted on GigaPan’s social media London map, which shows visually the connections between [...]