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Windows 7 – what’s all the fuss about?

21 October 2009 | Alex Christie

This week is the official launch of Windows 7, the operating system that Microsoft is banking on to minimise the damage done by its predecessor, Vista. I have not received my own copy yet, but [...]

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SEO Pro Training – Day Two Summary

20 October 2009 | Alex Christie

The day was kicked up by a head to head presentation-off between Will Critchlow and Rand Fishkin on the subject of keywords. Both took very different approaches to tackling the subject of keyword research; Rand [...]

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SEO Pro Training – Day One Summary

19 October 2009 | Alex Christie

Here’s my summary of day 1 of SEOMoz’s “SEO Pro Training” conference – sorry if this is a little messy, I’m typing this up on a Blackberry! The morning kicked off with ‘advanced analytics’ by [...]

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Improving the speed of Outlook 2007

19 October 2009 | Alex Christie

One of the biggest issues with upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007, is that the new version of Outlook is extremely slow – bordering on unusable. Having put up with the slow performance for the past [...]

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The new star of YouTube – Adwords!

14 October 2009 | Alex Christie

It seems after a painfully long time, Google is finally applying their AdWords system to YouTube, allowing UK advertisers to serve keyword targeted video content to the masses. Google isn’t overcomplicating things, by applying their [...]

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Is real-time the future of the web?

9 October 2009 | Alex Christie

There has been a lot of talk about the real-time web and how it is ‘the future’ but what exactly is the real-time web and why should we care? Put simply, the real-time web is [...]

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Don’t forget about Wolfram Alpha

6 October 2009 | Alex Christie

Wolfram Alpha had a large surge of traffic a few months back when it launched and was lauded by some as “the Google killer”. “Killer” it was not, nor was it ever intended to be. [...]

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Web design trends 2009

5 October 2009 | Alex Christie

I have written a previous post on common web design trends last year, as it is important to keep in touch with what is happening in the web design industry – to remain cutting edge [...]

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Google Update Adds New Search features

2 October 2009 | Alex Christie

In a week when many people are returning their invites to Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch Party, 100,000 others are waiting by their inbox for their Google Wave invitation, eager to test out the latest (and [...]

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Bing in the UK – Hope for Microsoft?

29 September 2009 | Alex Christie

They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Well that is certainly what Google’s competitors must be hoping. So the latest search stats from across the pond must have caused some people to [...]