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Should you use a paid-for analytics tool?

26 October 2011 | Alex Christie

Webtrends vs Google Analytics – a short comparison With continuous advancements to free web analytics tool like Google Analytics, it’s often wise to ask the question: when is the right time to pay for paid […]

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Analytics Focus: Nedstat custom reporting (Report Builder)

6 September 2011 | Alex Christie

I’m sure most analysts would agree when I say custom reporting is without a doubt one of the most important features within any analytics package. I’m also sure you won’t mind me saying that having […]

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Finding your way through the attribution maze!

8 August 2011 | Alex Christie

There’s a lot of talk online about attribution modelling, the why’s, the wherefores and whether online brands should even bother invest in one. You’ve almost certainly given it some thought over the last year. However, […]

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New feature alert! ‘Something Different’ in Google

1 February 2011 | Alex Christie

One of our keen eyed execs spotted a new feature in the Google SERP’s this morning – “Something different”. The new feature only appears for some “concept” searches and suggests different concepts similar to the […]

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SEO top tip: Don’t neglect those HTTP status codes

28 January 2011 | Alex Christie

Having recently read a post on Google Webmaster Central regarding how to prepare your site for planned downtime, I was reminded once again how much neglect there is around HTTP status codes. The HTTP status […]

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Popular culture on tap: The Top 10 searches of 2010 – Google, Yahoo & Bing

16 December 2010 | Alex Christie

As the world waves goodbye to 2010 it is always fascinating to reflect back on the year that was, even if simply to say “thanks for the memories”. Each year, the three giants of Internet […]

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Google’s new ‘readability’ score – An analysis

14 December 2010 | Alex Christie

Google have released a new function (available in Advanced search) to measure readability of websites, making it possible to filter your result set to only include results from a certain level of readability (Basic, Intermediate […]

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Location-based mobile search: The place to be

7 December 2010 | Alex Christie

Location-based mobile search trends are showing that there is a shift from purchasing goods online to using local search to track down goods on the high-street. Shoppers are asking themselves why buy online when I […]

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Instant thoughts on Google Page Preview

12 November 2010 | Alex Christie

I am sure you have all heard of the new Google page preview – it’s not a new concept, Ask was doing this a few years ago, although their implementation was not as smooth as […]

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SEO: Quantifying the value of know-how

25 October 2010 | Alex Christie

While search marketing has traditionally not been a particularly price sensitive industry, emerging players have inevitably brought competition to the marketplace. Companies may be tempted to appraise their campaigns purely in terms of the laundry […]