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26 April 2017 | Melanie Kamdar

Move Over Position 1, There’s a New Place in Town.

For more than 18 years SEOs and brands have been fighting to get their websites ranking at the coveted position 1 on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  However, now there’s a new position that’s worth fighting for, position 0.

What is position 0?

Position 0 is otherwise known as a featured snippet.  These have been around for 2 years now but are just starting to gain real traction in the industry.

With the rise of voice search aided by digital assistants such as  Google Home, Siri and Alexa, more and more search queries are in question format.  I.e. people are searching for “Where can I buy a Gucci watch?” rather than just “Gucci Watch for sale”. Therefore Google has had to adapt the way it present results for these voice queries and featured snippets are its answer. When you type something, especially a question into Google search, a featured snippet appears at the top of the organic listings answering your query.

Featured Snippet of Rankbrain

How can you get to position 0?

Featured snippets can be achieved by implementing structured data on your website and when done correctly, this can mean that you leapfrog your competitors and achieve position 0 even if you aren’t ranking in position 1.  Most studies show that you do need to be ranking on page 1 for the particular search query but there is no evidence to show that you need to be at the top of page 1 in order to be featured at position 0.

It’s worth looking to see if your competitors are already ranking at position 0 for the search queries that you want.  If so, you can take a look at their featured snippet and see if you can write a clearer, more concise answer that is more user-friendly.  It is often possible to steal your competitors position 0 place if your answer is better.  This is relatively easy to achieve and does not require development work or long, slow SEO best practises. The other thing to note is that if your competitor is much bigger than you or has a bigger budget for SEO, they won’t necessarily get to position 0.  It is once more all about how your site fulfils the user intent. If the user is at the heart of everything on your website then you will be rewarded no matter how big or small you are.

Benefits of getting to position 0

Initially, it was believed that because featured snippets answer the user query immediately in the SERPs that this would impact click-through rates (CTR). This is because if the answer you are searching for is displayed there would be no need to click through to the actual webpage to find your desired result.  However, a survey conducted by Hubspot showed that having a featured snippet actually increased CTR by 114%.

This means that featured snippets actually give you three real benefits.  It gets you to the top of the Google SERPs, it increases your CTR and it helps you to overtake bigger competitors with minimal investment from you.

If you haven’t already implemented structured data on your website then you are falling behind the competition.  Talk to one of the technical experts at Tamar today about creating your own structured data implementation plan and start claiming position 0 as your own.



Melanie Kamdar

Client Services Director at Tamar.

  • Ban Besharam

    We have been implementing this since last two years and have seen significant sucess.