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24 February 2017 | Evie Palaiochorinou

Machine Learning Masterclass #1: What is Machine Learning?

Welcome to our Machine Learning Masterclass series. Here we will be talking about the importance of Machine Learning and how this connects with the world of digital marketing. Machine Learning, with its clever set-up and accurate insightful applications, is slowly becoming the buzzword in a plethora of industries. Since Google introduced RankBrain, an algorithm it developed using Machine Learning and artificial intelligence, it has become the forefront of digital marketing, especially search.

With Google now declaring that RankBrain is the 3rd most important ranking signal, through this blog series, we are exploring potential applications and uses of Machine Learning in search and beyond.

Machine learning in SEO and digital marketing


What is Machine Learning and how it works?

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science that crosses over with artificial intelligence, statistics and traditional data mining.

In a nutshell machine learning enables computers to learn from the past (existing data) to then make predictions based on separate algorithms. Machine Learning uses pattern recognition, in a similar way to artificial intelligence, computational statistics, and other approaches for the computer to be able to “learn” from the data and make predictions based on these. It “reads” complex data and drives insights that, if processed by a human, would take an infinite amount of time to complete.

Machine learning for SEO and digital


What’s in it for SEO?

Machine Learning has influenced the world of SEO ever since RankBrain was introduced. This changed the way pages are ranking on Google’s SERPs, based on RankBrain’s Machine-Learned processing system. However, apart from the fact that Machine Learning directly impacts rankings, its tremendous significance lies in the infinite potential applications it can have in the industry of digital marketing.

With a lot of resources and off-the-shelf platforms already available out there, we expect Machine Learning to become a key tool in SEO. Using Machine Learning, SEOs can now come up with a time-series prediction model to forecast traffic based on historical outcomes of past optimisation. Using Machine Learning, we can predict whether a certain blogger is expected to become a major influencer in a given domain, or perhaps a webmaster can plug into its website server logs and identify bottlenecks, removing which can help improve user experience and therefore conversions.

If you are curious to know how we see the future of Machine Learning, its connection to digital marketing and its potential SEO applications, then keep an eye on this blog series where we’ll be exploring its practical applications.  If you’re interested in how Machine Learning can affect your SEO rankings talk to one of our technical SEO experts today.

Evie Palaiochorinou

Evie Palaiochorinou

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