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19 January 2017 | Beth Crane

YouTube University #1 – The importance of video in content marketing

Welcome to our YouTube University series. In this series of blog posts, we introduce you to the importance of video content in your marketing strategy and how to optimise it.

New Year, new content marketing strategy? That’s what we like to hear! Most brands are cracking writing blog posts and using social media, yet few still realise the benefits of including video in content strategies. Today we explain why video content is a crucial part of your 2017 content marketing plans.

Improve your rankings

There’s still very little understanding of just how much impact video content could potentially have for a brand. Did you know adding a video to your site could improve your chances of being on the front page of Google by up to 53x? When used correctly, video content is a powerful SEO tool which your brand should be taking advantage of in 2017.

Improve reach and capture younger generations

Our TV and video viewing habits have changed dramatically over the last few years, particularly amongst Millennials. Research suggests that 18-34-year-olds  now prefer watching content on YouTube to television. And YouTube boasts over one billion unique monthly users. Together these users consume a staggering six billion hours of content in the same period. This means that uploading video marketing content to YouTube opens the door to almost limitless potential consumers and is a crucial platform to master if you have a young target audience.

YouTube University SEO


Build a relationship with consumers

Not only does video content improve your ability to reach new consumers, it also helps build a relationship with these consumers, making learning about your brand a more memorable and personal experience. The facts suggest that audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video content by commenting, sharing or embedding, compared to blogs or similar social posts.

Ensure consumers remember your brand

According to Psychology Today, our brains process videos 60,000 times quicker than text, while research at Stanford University highlights how stories (often how videos are presented) are more persuasive than facts alone. This makes video a great opportunity to easily produce a memorable campaign when TV advertising is not on your radar (or in your budget).

Keep your marketing strategy versatile

One reason why video content has the ability to transform your marketing strategy’s success is due to the versatility it offers. If video content is an appropriate method to reach your target audience and you keep their interests in mind during creation, the opportunities are endless! Videos don’t only need to promote brand’s achievements, they can be of great use to your consumers. For example, IKEA offers video furniture assembly guides (we all know what a challenge that can be!).

YouTube University SEO


Myth: creating online videos is expensive

Do you think creating video content is out of reach of your marketing budget? Well it’s not! Apps like Twitter’s Vine lets you create six-second looping videos for free. And video content doesn’t need to be over-complicated – remember that videos which go viral are often very short.

Myth: you can’t optimise videos

In the challenging saturated market which is YouTube and its vast library of content, it can be easy to assume that your video has little chance of getting a high number of views. Yet, what many don’t realise is that SEO can be applied to videos through optimising the likes/dislikes, comments, video length and so on. Lucky for you, our YouTube University series will clarify just how to optimise your video content. You’re welcome!

Excited to learn about video content during this blog series? If you’re in need of more advice, here at Tamar we’re happily on hand to help your business implement its video content strategy for 2017.


Beth Crane

Beth Crane