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24 January 2017 | Beth Crane

YouTube University #2: Optimising Your YouTube Channel

Welcome to our YouTube University series. In this series of blog posts, we introduce you to the importance of video content in your marketing strategy and how to optimise it.

In our last post, we highlighted how crucial it is to have an effective video strategy in your marketing campaign. But how do you actually implement the strategy? A good place to start is with the platform that you’ll be using to host your videos. YouTube is by no means the only video hosting platform, but with over one billion unique monthly visitors, it’s worth setting up first.

Expanding your reach on YouTube can seem like a daunting process, especially as the YouTube ranking algorithm is somewhat of a secret. It’s important to do the basics right though, and that starts with the channel itself. In this blog post, we will be giving you a few tips on how to effectively optimise your YouTube channel so that you are in the best position to expand your viewer reach and engagement.

Optimised name and description

If you plan to capture some of the 62% of mobile users who find a new video through YouTube, your channel’s name and description need to be optimised using keywords relevant to your brand, in addition to being descriptive and engaging. To ensure your whole title is displayed in Google, keep the length down to 50 characters or less.

Strong branding and design

YouTube University Tamar


Is your brand’s YouTube channel visually appealing? The above example shows online fashion retailer Boohoo‘s channel and is a great example of an effective YouTube channel for branding purposes. The cover photo clearly highlight’s the brand logo, strapline (top points for an interactive hashtag!) and social sharing buttons.

Diverse video content

Did you know that that 90% of users claim that watching a product video is helpful to the decision process and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it? These stats show that it’s pretty crucial to offer diverse video content to include customer testimonials or product demonstrations in order to improve engagement. Alongside your diverse content, use video annotations to create call-to-actions for your viewers and further improve engagement. For example, you could ask them to subscribe to your channel or leave a comment. But don’t over do it!

Eye-catching thumbnails

Boohoo YouTube University SEO


Are your thumbnails eye-catching and representative of each video’s content? They form the advert for your video and need to be clear, in-focus and hi-resolution (640px x 360px min., 16:9 aspect ratio). As 90% of the best-performing videos on the site have custom thumbnails, you may need to step up your game to attract more clicks.

Make a brand trailer

Create a captivating brand trailer for new visitors to explain what your company is all about. This video will automatically play when unsubscribed users visit your channel and even better, it won’t contain ads! That is, unless your video contains third-party claimed content. This is your opportunity to sell your brand and expand your audience. However, remember that often, the shorter the better with 45% of viewers clicking away from a video after only one minute.

Create playlists

Playlists are also a good way to increase watch time. The time users spend watching videos has become a key metric for the algorithm which YouTube uses to suggest videos. Crucially, this algorithm prioritises videos which promote longer viewer sessions over those which get more clicks! So, how can playlists help? A playlist will automatically play the next video in the list, therefore increasing the amount of time spent on your YouTube channel and the chances of your video being suggested.

Keep it active

By this stage, you’ve put a fair bit of work into your brand’s YouTube channel. Now all you need to do is keep it up!



Beth Crane

Beth Crane