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1 December 2016 | Evie Palaiochorinou

Digital Santa Presents – Mobile-Friendliness

Welcome back to our Christmas blog series ‘Digital Santa Presents …’ With the help of Digital Santa, we will be talking you through how to optimise your website this Christmas. In this post Digital Santa is giving you the gift of telling you all you need to know about mobile-friendliness.

Ofcom reports that in 2016 66% of users now browse the internet with a mobile device.  And Google reports that mobile search overtook desktop search in 2015.


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Mobile-friendliness explained

The increase in mobile search trends led Google to roll out its new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, also known as Mobilegeddon in 2015 with Mobilegeddon 2.0 following earlier this year.

So, what makes a website mobile-friendly according to this new algorithm? Well, what Google is looking for is for your website to have a smooth user-experience and usability when browsed from a mobile device. A website should have different versions of itself for desktop and smartphone. The smartphone version needs to have clearly visible content that does not need users to zoom in. It should also have bigger and accessible buttons, as well as a clean layout and design.

Non-mobile-friendly websites are more likely to frustrate your visitors and make them bounce off the site immediately meaning missed sales opportunities for you.

Digital Santa’s advice is to visit Google Webmaster’s Mobile Friendly Websites page in order to get an overview, learn more on the subject, and find some helpful tips to make sure your website is optimised for the ever-growing number of mobile visitors.


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The importance of a website being mobile-friendly

Google is trying very hard to shift attention to mobile users as searches on mobile devices keep increasing dramatically. It kept stressing the importance of mobile-friendly sites with announcements and new updates.

The mobilepocalypse will continue with Google releasing a new mobile-first index after they testings are complete. This index means that Google will  create a new separate mobile index and it will rank all the mobile versions of sites in the SERPs meaning that non-mobile optimised sites can expect to see a huge drop in rankings from mobile searches.


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All I want for Christmas is tools

Google is offering help to webmasters in the form of tools to see how your site is performing from a mobile standpoint.

Digital Santa  highly recommends trying these three on your website and seeing how you perform.


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A smooth Christmas mobile user experience

It follows naturally that if you are a webmaster you would want to rank well in Google’s mobile search, you should optimise your site. If you have a million to-do things to tick off before Christmas, don’t panic. Digital Santa is arriving early to take you through all the steps to the top of the rankings.

Start by checking whether your website is mobile-friendly with one of the above-mentioned mobile-friendliness testing tools.

Make sure your website is dynamic and responsive.

Configure your site so that the primary markup and content is the same for both mobile and desktop.

If you are using a content management system like WordPress, you can check Google’s instructions on website software.

Last but not least, you should register and verify the mobile version of your website, even if you have already verified the desktop version.


If you need help with your mobile optimisation why not give speak to one of the Tamar elves?

Evie Palaiochorinou

Evie Palaiochorinou

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