Social media predictions
10 November 2016 | Team Tamar

Predictions 2017: Social Media

Social media moves so fast, our favourite platforms constantly update features. Usually just as we’ve got used to the last update. In such a fast paced environment we’ve witnessed both platforms and features that have failed spectacularly, and we’ve also seen some huge successes. The year is almost over so here are our going social media predictions for 2017.

Live content will overtake traditional content

social media predictions

Live social media has already been one of the biggest trends of 2016, but we predict huge growth in 2017. Snapchat Live and Facebook Live allow audiences to experience events that look and feel just like ‘real-time interaction’, we other social platforms will continue this focus on creating live content for 2017.

Expiring content will be huge

Social media predictions

Snapchat, the original ‘expiring content’ platform saw huge growth last year and many other brands wanted to jump on their success. 2016 saw Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp ‘borrow’  Snapchat features that Snapchat. Other social platforms have had a huge interest in expiring content from Instagram Stories to Facebook Live. We predict many other platforms jumping on this trend.

Chatbots will continue their march

social media predictions

Artificial intelligence has exploded over the last few years and has now reached a level where many of us use it in our daily lives. The rise of a digital assistant that we carry in our pockets – such as Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana – means that people can now talk to their phone for anything, and many social networks have adopted this feature too.

Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp now have integrated bots to help user experience. Chatbots can help with common questions and manage simple bookings, freeing up the time of brand customer service representatives. 2017 will see many more of these.

Virtual reality is reality

Social media predictions

Virtual Reality has on everyone’s lips for years but it always seems like it’s never quite worked out. However, 2016 saw real progress in the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with Pokemon Go the stand-out example of how Augmented Reality generated worldwide hype in 2016.

Facebook have already taken a huge push toward Virtual Reality this year with the launch of 360 content which is constantly being updated. We predict that Facebook won’t stop there and they’ll continue to push VR in some way for users.

Video will be everything

Social Media Predictions

Social platforms are all in a desperate bid to trial video over written content in any way possible, no doubt in an attempt to beat Snapchat. Facebook are making it easier for users to live-stream video and are even trailing a new camera option which they hope will take over from the text box.

Will video become our default way to update our status? Maybe in 2017. Watch this space!


Team Tamar