3 November 2016 | Evie Palaiochorinou

Predictions 2017: Content Marketing

We are very close to the end of 2016, the time when we need to take a step back and reflect on where our digital road has taken us, and where it might lead us next. Having followed all of the content trends that developed in 2016, we’ve looked into our crystal ball to find how content marketing will develop 2017 and here is what the ball predicted:



Video content will rule the web

There is no doubt that video has had a massive traffic explosion the past couple of years. This trend will continue to dominate 2017 as well, as video content is growing in demand. Research has already shown that video traffic is growing rapidly and will keep doing so exponentially every year. YouTube keeps going strong as the second biggest search engine to Google with more than a billion users every month. Elsewhere, Facebook and Instagram have started finding new ways to implement innovative video content in their platforms. It is undeniable that video is the present and the future of online content marketing and optimised video is the future of SEO content.



office gif

GIFs gaining ground

GIFs stand between video and images, and they are gaining serious ground in the battle between the three. They have already taken the world of the web by storm as users find them an expressive medium which is a fun and effective way of communicating. GIFs are eye-catching, expressive, and alive. They are becoming more and more popular on Twitter – and with social media continuing to be so important in digital marketing – GIFs are here to stay in 2017.




User intent will still matter. A lot.

Content writers and SEO experts know that by user intent we mean the intent behind a keyword, what users are really looking for when they type specific keywords in a search engine bar. With so many results to choose from in a SERP, users will click on the ones that best match their specific query.

As time goes by, some things remain the same in the digital arena, and one of them is the importance of user intent. RankBrain introduced new priorities for SEO experts and content writers, as Google now values user intent more than just plain keywords. In 2017, the focus in content writing will be serving user intent.




Voice search devices are the new game

Voice search devices, such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, have carved a new path for content search. These voice-activated portable devices are able to answer many different types of queries. For example, Google Home combs the web for the best information as a reply to your queries.

Until now you had to type on the keyboard, or at least touch your mobile phone to begin a voice search. However, voice search devices will now lead a hands-free future that implements AI for good into our daily home routine. These devices are setting the bar high for content search in 2017, as they are intelligent enough to interact and provide the best results to even quite complex queries.

These devices implement natural language processing techniques to respond and give information. When we write content we have to do it in a way that is voice search optimised. Apart from the keywords people actually type in a search, how people naturally speak with each other or talk to a voice search device will jump into the keyword optimisation picture next year.

2017 will see content constantly flirting with AI and evolving into something fresh and innovative.



2016 has already been a year of huge content growth and the digital world has has taken this in its stride with a corresponding growth of videos, a storm of gifs, a focus on user intent, and finally AI voice search devices. This trend is definitely going to continue into 2017 and beyond.

Our advice is to tie in with the evolving trends and optimise your content strategy to include creative content that serves user intent.  2017 promises to be a creative, expressive and extremely intelligent future for content.

Evie Palaiochorinou

Evie Palaiochorinou

Digital Marketing Specialist