17 June 2016 | Team Tamar

Five reasons why you should get an office dog

Over the years we’ve had a multitude of dogs in the office, Oli (went for the caretaker and nearly got a red card), Dolly (Mrs Longbody) and the pugs Delilah (little potato) and Colin (big potato).

Having a dog around has been a normal part of Tamar life for years, but actually, there is more to having an office dog than just the laughs.  Neuroeconomic Professor Paul Zak says:

‘It is not just “nice” or “fun” to have dogs at work, it is an effective way to improve productivity and profits.’

And we completely agree – so here are five reasons why having an office dog is good for you…

#1 Reduces Stress – Fact!

A study run by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management completed a study on the effects of having pets in the office and the findings were conclusive that the employees with dogs present at work, showed consistently lower stress levels than the no dog group at the end of the day.

#2 Monday Mornings

Let’s be fair, no matter how much you love your job, Monday mornings can be a drag and often very quiet. Oli used to come into the office every morning, do a few excitable laps around the office, as if to say “I’m here! I’m here!” before going round and saying hello to everyone. When the dog is so thrilled to be there, even on Mondays, it can really help with the Monday morning blues.

#3 Reduces Digital Eye Strain

The Vision Council released a report this year stating that 60% of us use screens for five or more hours a day, which probably isn’t a surprise considering many of us have desk jobs. As well eye strain, symptoms such as neck/shoulder pain, headaches, and blurred vision were also reported by 65%. 

Some may say having a dog in the office is a distraction, but actually, we need this distraction. Taking your eyes off a screen for 20 seconds every 20 mins can help reduce the impact of long-term screen usage and digital eye strain.


#4 Get Up and Out

Sitting at a desk for six hours a day is bad for you. Not only can it make you feel lethargic and gain weight, but can actually increase your chances of poor health, such as diabetes or having a stroke.

Obviously, you need to be sitting correctly at your desk and have a good chair, but also we need to take proper breaks, and what better break than to take the dog for a walk. Get some fresh air, and the pooch will be forever grateful to you for it.

#5 Boost Morale

Dogs are hilarious. Only the other day in the office Delilah made a leap from one lap to the other and made a very dramatic miss. Don’t worry she was fine. And we’ve had hours of fun with a GoPro and Dolly’s Days.

These little things make the office environment so much more enjoyable and totally make for a happier team.

Team Tamar