24 June 2016 | admin

Dolly Days – My life at Tamar Towers #3

Hi again,

Last time I shared the memories I have of my first days with my Tamar Towers person. This time I thought you might be interested in my fitness and health routine!

Although I’m pretty busy in the office I do like to stick to my morning workout, which mainly involves meeting with my doggy squad and going for a long walk.

Luckily in my most recent video the sun was out and all my friends came along to play and have a chat. We even went to a small lake and had a swim!

Today is #bringyourdogtoworkday and my colleague Sarah came up with five reasons why having an office dog is absolutely awesome. My favourite reasons are that dogs like me boost morale and relieve stress – mainly because I’m such a good cheerleader.

Enough about me, enjoy the ‘sunny’ British weather with your own furry companions but don’t forget to watch the video below and share it! :) 🐶