9 June 2016 | admin

6 Google Analytics features you probably don’t know

Google Analytics is essential for any digital marketer. You can get by on just the basics, but having in-depth knowledge of this tool can set you apart and really help you draw vital insights from your data. As always people will have their ways of analysing data and researching the numbers. Some won’t even know many of the large amount of features Google Analytics has to offer. Here are our six top tips;

#1 Customise standard reports

Many marketers out there don’t use this function, but when used correctly and customised it can save you huge amount of time. GA offers many standard reports, but sometimes they can miss out an important metric. Instead of creating a brand-new report, you can use a shortcut and base your new custom report on a pre-existing one. This will save you time and you will have your very own custom report ready when you need it.


#2 Plot rows

Plotting rows is a basic feature that can be extremely useful to simplify your data. When you are looking at traffic numbers to your site, you can select each of the channels or mediums you would like to see. Once you have done that you can click on the ‘plot rows’ button.

This will then turn those rows into a graph, showing you the exact amount they make up of the total.


#3 Calculated metrics

This feature allows you to create new custom metrics based on those that already exist. These metrics can be used anywhere you would use the traditional ones, such as custom reports, dashboards and widgets. You can set these in the ‘Admin’ area, after scrolling to calculated metrics under the ‘view’ menu.

After choosing a name for the new metric, you can start making the formula and choosing the various elements that will be part of it. Save all the changes and then it will appear as an option when you want to add it to a report.

#4 Weighted sort

Using weighted sort allows you to sort your data in a way to save the data you will need and not filter it out. A perfect example of this is sorting your data by bounce rate. The top of the list will be made up of pages with only 1 visit. Weighted sort takes into consideration the number of visits for each row and shows you the items that contain the important data.

(Weighted sort only works on columns with percentages, however).

#5 Custom channels

Google analytics comes with a set amount of preconfigured channels. There is the option to add more channels in the channels grouping option of the admin menu. You can name and define them and single out any specific channels that you might want to monitor, especially that referral traffic that can clutter your data.

#6 Network referrals

This section of Google Analytics allows you to look at the influence and impact social media can have on SEO. It is found in the acquisition drop down and allows you to measure how much traffic your social posting actually brings to your website.

The feature allows you to look at everyone who has linked to your content. The most helpful part is that you can see exactly the amount of sessions derived from a specific link.


Our list could go on and on but these are some of the essentials of a number of features Google Analytics has. What do you prefer to use? Are there hidden features you find essential?