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16 June 2016 | Team Tamar

4 tips for choosing the right influencer for your brand

Research shows that we now trust social media influencers almost as much as our friends, and of course, brands are taking full advantage of this trend. A joint study by Twitter and analytics company Annalect highlighted that 40% of respondents said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media.

A recent influencer marketing study by Tomoson shared the value brands gain from using influencers as part of their marketing strategy. Businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. With these stats, it’s no surprise that 59% of businesses are increasing their budget to include influencer marketing over the next 12 months.

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective channel for business and with that in mind, it’s something every brand should be doing. But it’s not easy to pick the right one for your brand. We’ve got four tips to help you make the selection;

#1 Is their reach and platform right for you?

Influencer Checklist

The number of followers is obviously a hugely important factor for choosing an influencer, there isn’t any point in promoting a product to an audience of 50. If someone has 1 million followers on Instagram, that’s pretty impressive –  but is that all they have to offer? An influencer that is only present on one platform isn’t going to bring you as much value as someone who is strong across several hannels.

One of the most important platforms is a blog, because this will ensure your brand not only has great visibility in terms of SEO. Tomoson also rated blogs as the most effective platform, followed by Facebook, Instagram and then Youtube.

#2 Are they generating high engagement?

A high number of followers is good, but without strong levels of engagement how do you know if your post will actually reach their audience? It’s no secret you can buy followers, so measuring engagement can tell you whether these hundreds of thousands of fans are also active and interested. Look at comments on their blog or Instagram posts, retweets and likes. It will give you an idea of how popular these posts are, not just how big their follower count is.

#3 Do they suit your brand?

Picking an influencer just because they have a large following won’t work if their following isn’t your target market. Let’s say, for example, you’re a luxury handbag retailer, you want to be targeting a slightly older audience with a good disposable income. Targeting a fashion blogger who talks about a lot of designer and luxury items is the perfect match- their audience is obviously interested in luxury items and will love your brand.

There’s no point picking a beauty blogger whose focus is creating ‘budget’ looks for their teenage audience. Even if they have a huge following. It’s about targeting the right audience, not the largest audience.

#4 Do they create their own content?

Influencer Checklist

We’ve all seen influencers promote brands where you can easily tell the content is promoted with a generic caption and photo. (Scott Disick is a good example of this). But you don’t want to pay an influencer who’s going to use photographs supplied by you with text copied straight off of your website. That won’t be giving their audience value, nor your brand for that matter. It comes across as fake and is likely to turn their audience off.

Brands should be searching for quality content written by the influencer, with engaging photographs or video content that they’ve made their own. Their content needs to fit in with their theme, it needs to have genuine opinions that their readers will trust. Working together with the influencer to create something that is authentic to their brand is key to making your collaboration successful and ensure your money is well spent.

And when you look at their content, you should choose someone with a well-written blog, a good grasp of the relevant language, and with no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. The quality of content is everything.

Team Tamar