27 May 2016 | Team Tamar

The month in social: May

This month in social we’ve seen Instagram kick up its brand advertising and one of our most loved platforms *cough* Snapchat *cough* continuing to grow and take the limelight – as in past months. It’s time for our monthly social round up.

Taco Bell makes Snapchat History

The month in social: May

It is clear that Taco Bell are fans of Snapchat, the social platform obviously hits their target audience pretty well. Need we remind you of the 40,000 pre-orders it helped them generate? Taco Bell smashed a Snapchat record with their Cinco de Mayo filter, with a huge 224 million views in one day. We all love Snapchat filters, but who can top turning your whole head into a Taco? Looks like other brands have some competition.

What’s our view? At the start of the month, L2 Think Tank reported that brands were hesitant to adopt Snapchat, and we don’t understand why. If you do it right you can target millions of consumers and get your brand noticed – Taco Bell is just one great example of that. Snapchat is on the rise and if you’re not jumping on the bandwagon you’re clearly missing out.

Twitter users trust influencers almost as much as friends

The month in social: May

We’ve all asked our friends for a recommendation on the best place to eat in town or even a new lipgloss. A Twitter survey showed that 56% of us rely on recommendations from our friends. However, recommendations from influencers weren’t far behind with 49% of us also relying on them.

What’s our view? As a brand, reaching out to influencers is extremely important, if you want to get your brand or product noticed in today’s market place. Twitter is full of influencers, some with millions of followers, and users trust them. Getting your product promoted could give you amazing coverage.

Instagram adds video to its carousel ads

The month in social: May

Instagram are upping their advertising game, advertisers can now choose from a range of five videos, pictures or a combination of both for the ad carousel. This allows users to swipe through the images or videos and see more of what the brand are advertising. Airbnb, Taco Bell, IBM, W hotels and Hollister have already tried the platform.

What’s our view? Advertising on Instagram is great for so many brands, and we think this will just improve your ad’s effectiveness. If used well you can enable users to see a range of images and videos to create the perfect campaign for your brand

Chewbacca video breaks Facebook record

The month in social: May

Over 100 million people have watched the video of a woman hysterically laughing in a Chewbacca mask, breaking the record of the most watched Facebook Live video ever. The video shows Candace Payne trying on her new Chewbacca mask, purchased from Kohl’s, followed by a few minutes of hysterical laughing at her reflection. Kohl’s responded perfectly by showering the family with Star Wars merchandise and a $2,500 gift card.

What’s our view? The way that Kohl’s reacted to this is a perfect example of agile marketing, and Kohl’s saw the rewards as the video continued to drive sales. This also shows the value of Facebook Live video, brands would be insane to ignore this juggernaut of live streaming.

Team Tamar