12 May 2016 | Team Tamar

7 things Google wants you to forget about

The online world often reveals new products. Some can be an overnight success, while some are on-going projects that eventually take off, and others end in failure – some sooner rather than later. Google are a brand who are always pushing new products onto the market, some we couldn’t live without and some they wish we would forget…

Welcome to the Google graveyard. Here lie some of the unsuccessful launches that the internet giant would rather slipped our mind. Rest in Peace.

#1 Google Glass

8 things Google wants you to forget about

Remember Google Glass? Well you should, it wasn’t that long ago. After a long period of silence, in January, Google quietly shut down all Google Glass-related social accounts, hopeful that we would all forget about the invention and get on with our lives.

This doesn’t mean Glass is gone forever though. While we’re unsure what the future holds for the Glass Program, we just know that Google might need to get back to the drawing board.

#2 Google+

8 things Google wants you to forget about

Google’s failed attempt to take on Facebook is one of their most well-known failures. Whilst technically still alive, we suspect that it may be mere months away from the final nail in the coffin.

Google was notorious for trying to force people to sign up to it, even when they didn’t want to. They insisted on having a G+ account for many Google services – but eventually reneged on this, and allowed us to go back to watching YouTube videos without an account.

#3 Google Lively

8 things Google wants you to forget about

Never head of Google Lively? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Lasting for only six months this is the perfect example of right idea, wrong implementation. A ‘Second Life’-style virtual environment that could have been as big as the likes of Minecraft, but sadly, wasn’t. Users created avatars to interact with other users, with chat functions but due to server glitches and a lot of lag the game wasn’t instantly popular. Like other chat rooms, the game was only trendy for a while.

#4 Google Video

8 things Google wants you to forget about

Google Video is an example of when Google tried to chase a leader in the field and failed. When Google launched its service to help users find video, people had already come to love YouTube, and searching for a video on the platform was, well, as easy as Googling something.

Not wanting to let go, Google did the next best thing and bought out YouTube, helping to continue grow the platform, so in the end, they kind of won.

#5 Google Buzz

8 things Google wants you to forget about

The first mistake Google made with Buzz was its abrupt entrance. Automatically added to Gmail as an opt-out service, Buzz snuck into our inbox folder and allowed users to share links, photos, videos, and comments. A hybrid social networking and microblogging platform but, like a lot of social networks, it eventually died out, long gone and (almost) forgotten.

#6 Wave

8 things Google wants you to forget about


Wave, a tool for real-time collaborative editing had potential. Launched with a huge amount of hype the tool had early interest from those who received an exclusive invitation, and those who were not special enough to.

Sadly, like most things in life, it was hyped up a little too much. It was reported that Wave had a lack of interest, causing it to eventually be shuttered.

#7 Froogle

8 things Google wants you to forget about

Froogle wasn’t a complete fail. The idea behind Froogle worked but the punny name didn’t catch on. Froogle was a price-comparison service, which those who loved Googled themed puns might have got but everyone else let it fly by. Not completely dead, in 2007 it was redesigned and re-branded as Google Products and it has remained stable ever since.

So, even Google make mistakes sometimes. But, on the other hand, look at their success! It’s important to keep going until something works for you – but in some cases maybe work on it for a little bit longer before you release it.

Team Tamar