5 May 2016 | Team Tamar

7 Essential SEO Tools

Working in SEO, there are many invaluable tools that we use every day. We’re all aware of Google Analytics, Search Console and Keyword Planner but there are a lot of very useful tools out there that can really improve your SEO.

  1. Chrome DevTools – There are many uses for DevTools that will extend beyond SEO needs but this doesn’t stop it being incredibly useful. It’s very easy to search for anything you need within the source code whilst also being able to select and view these, whether it’s meta tags or link elements.
  2. Screaming Frog – Working in SEO, it’s always important that you can crawl websites to grab the information that you need. Screaming Frog allows you to do this with just one click. Being able to take this information from a site can really aid you in technical audits or if you are just looking for more specific information. It is also a useful tool for creating sitemaps.
  3. Google Trends – The Google Trends tool allows you to search for terms and see their popularity compared to others over time. By searching for your own brand you can compare to competitors and see exactly when searches for either have been peaking. Similarly you can enter keywords from your industry to check what are most popular and also whether they are seasonal or not. All of these can be important in creating a good SEO strategy.
  4. Wayback Machine – When it comes to looking at a website’s history, the Wayback Machine is a great site to visit. Launched in 2001, it has been digitally archiving cached pages of websites. These sites are revisited every few weeks or months and the updated version is stored. Through this you can go back in time to see how a website looked in the past. This can be useful when trying to diagnose problems that have happened in the past.
  5. SEO Tools for Excel – Excel spreadsheets are a basic need for all SEOs. Without them life would be very difficult. However, it can  be easier still by using SEO Tools for Excel. This add-on allows you to find meta-data, check backlinks as well as many other helpful tricks. You can also link it to Google Analytics or Majestic for even more functionality.
  6. Moz Toolbar – The Moz Toolbar is a quick and easy way to check the domain authority of websites. Whether this is competitor sites or sites that are linking back to you. The Moz bar also saves a lot of time when you are browsing search results as it will provide a brief overview underneath each link.
  7. Yoast SEO – Good content is important for any website and WordPress is the most popular platform out there. The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the best and easiest ways to oversee your content. A simple user interface allows you to edit meta tags and categories. It also gives you some helpful tips on optimising your content. It’s a must have for any wordpress users.

Whether you have used some of these tools before or not, they can be incredibly useful in improving your SEO capabilities and productivity.

Team Tamar