11 May 2016 | admin

6 Essential SEO Chrome Extensions

A browser for an SEO is like an extension of their body with browser extensions being as essential as fingers. Here are six Google Chrome extensions used by all of us on daily to make our SEO life easier.

#1 Mozbar

Number one on our list would have to be a tool made by an authority in the SEO world. There are two functions to this amazing tool: a DA score displayer on any website.


Or an SEO stat displayer in the SERPs. The tools show you Domain Authority, Page Authority plus data around links numbers.

Both of these offer the time-saving ability that we love and allow us to quickly glance at some very important information about the website we are viewing.

#2 SEO Site Tools

This tool is the MacGyver of the extension world, it’s that comprehensive. It is divided into six sections each with tonnes of data to display and play with.


The tool displays some of the same data you can get from Moz but it includes more details around links, pulling information from Majestic SEO. It even offers suggestions when opportunities are missed for some effective on-page optimisation.

#3 Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

An SEO will always want to know about the backlink profile of a website and the quickest way to find this essential information is the Majestic extension for Google Chrome.


Opening this on any website will give you the classic Majestic set of data of Citation Flow, Trust Flow, External Backlinks and Referring Domains each split by where they are taken from whether that be the exact URL, the Subdomain or the Root Domain.

You can also see some interesting graphs that represent the backlink profile over time.

#4 SERP Trends

This light tool can prove to be very useful and shows you when a search result has moved up or down in the SERPS, it’s position has remained unvaried or it is a new result. All data is compared on a day to day basis.

This is a truly essential tool to quickly manually check rankings without having to count with your fingers.

#5 Grammarly

This isn’t strictly an SEO-only tool. It allows you to check everything you write for readability and mistakes. All your spelling and grammar will be checked and you will receive suggestions when something should be changed. We all know how important content is for SEO and writing correct, readable and mistake-free text is essential.

#6 NoFollow

Last but not least is the NoFollow extension. This Google Chrome extension outlines nofollow links, detects nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages. Getting that information in the traditional way wasn’t hard but it could be time consuming. NoFollow saves you time and delivers what it promises.

Our suggestion is to use at least some of these extensions on your own browser. Try them out and see whether we are right to rave about them.


  • http://www.seoworx.net.au/ Richard Brus

    Hi Matthew, for SEO chrome extensions, hard to go past https://www.serpworx.com/ – of course I’m very biased. All of the biggest & best SEO metrics in one place. I also use three of the ones on your list too.