The month in social
27 April 2016 | Team Tamar

The month in social: April

We’re only four months into the year and already social media has thrown some unexpected events at us. As another month has flown by it’s time for our social round up, this month we have seen everything; from an exciting  new launch from Pinterest to Facebook continuing to expand its services.

Snapchat updates privacy policy

This month in social: April

Snapchat is the social platform of the moment. With its every-growing audience, the platform is perfect for brands to expand their visibility. With a recent update to their privacy policy, Snapchat is now storing user data and using customer information to personalise its services in a bid to show users exactly what they want to see, including ads.

What’s our view? Advertisers asked Snapchat for a more personal way to target their audience, and the update to their privacy policy will do just that. Snapchat is growing and with this improved service, brands will be able to target their audience better. If your brand isn’t on Snapchat, you’re missing out.

Pinterest launched ‘How-to’ pins

This month in social: April

Pinterest is continuing to build their business to generate revenue streams, mainly through adding advertising, but they are also focusing on improving their free features. Pinterest has launched a new dynamic Rich Pin called a How-to pin, which aims to provide step-by-step instruction for a range of activities including cooking, grooming, and crafting

What’s our view? How-to pins are going to be great for brands. With its already huge audience, Pinterest users are going to love being able to find easy how-to tutorials from their favourite cooking brands and craft shops. Pinterest is the perfect social media website for a brand that can add something shareable and creative to the mix.

Facebook partners with Ticketmaster

This month in social: April

Ticketmaster has announced that by the end of April they will be selling tickets for a selection of events via Facebook. That’s right, if you want to bag a pair of tickets to your favourite band you will have a chance to do so, without even leaving Facebook.

What’s our view? The ongoing partnerships Facebook is creating are all about enabling users to complete a variety of tasks, such as booking event tickets, without having to leave the social platform. This collaboration precisely highlights the way in which Facebook is trying to ‘lock down’ users by keeping them on the site for tasks that they could go elsewhere for. We predict much more of these partnerships coming up.

KFC Australia misjudges social campaign

This month in social: April

KFC Australia was forced to delete a tweet after only a few minutes as it sparked a barrage of criticism. This image of a couple on the sofa was accompanied with the tweet reading “Warning. #NSFW. Something hot and spicy is coming soon…”. It was quickly removed after Twitter users branded the tweet offensive and sexist and an apology was made by KFC Australia.

What’s our view? Sometimes you might think something’s a good idea, when really, it isn’t. KFC took a risk with this advertisement and although some users found it offensive, others found it funny and pointed out that either way, the brand were trending and gained exposure. But, we think the moral of the story is think before you tweet.

Team Tamar