1 April 2016 | Team Tamar

Move over millennials – Snapchat has a NEW Queen…

First, reality TV stars; then came the phenomenon that is DJ Khaled; then back in January POTUS joined – so the latest person to jump onto the Snapchat bandwagon might not come as much of a surprise to many of us.

Ask the average user who’s the ‘Snapchat Queen’ and they’re likely to name Kylie Jenner or perhaps Kim Kardashian. But they’re going to face some tough competition this week from a much more famous lady – the Queen, to be precise.


Yes, the Queen (or more specifically, Buckingham Palace) has just joined Snapchat. Should we be bracing ourselves for a slew of Royal #selfies?

Evidently not, the Palace have said it’s all part of the plan to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday this year and to link her work more closely with the young people of the UK.

Seen by many as a smart move to make the monarchy more accessible to the millennial generation, there’s no doubt that the Buckingham Palace account will surprise many commentators. But in a world where Pope Francis regularly tweets to his 9m Catholic following, we’ve come to learn anything is possible.

Sources close to the Palace are claiming it was Prince Harry who first suggested a Royal Snapchat, and there are even rumours that, prior to the launch of the official account, the Queen has quietly been using her own account (LilibetQ) to communicate with her grandchildren.

Don’t be too surprised though – the monarchy are actually a lot more tech-savvy than you might assume. The Queen has had her own mobile phone since 2001, (given to her by the Duke of York) and is said to have been taught the nuances of texting by Princes William and Harry.



So far, the official account (BuckinghamPalace on Snapchat) has been mainly posting photos from around the royal palaces at Kensington and Windsor, and the Queen herself hasn’t appeared in all of them – so it’s probably safe to assume she has delegated the job of ‘Royal Snapper’ to a staff member.

But whatever happens with the Royal account, we’re excited to see whether they let loose and use a few filters or selfies in the coming weeks – let’s just hope they don’t let Harry take it on one of his nights out…

Team Tamar