29 April 2016 | admin



Remember me? Last time I introduced myself and told you all about my day at Tamar Towers. I’ve been up to a lot recently and owe you all an update.


Flashback to me as a puppy, cute huh?

But first I’m going to tell you a bit more about me. I’m 2 years old now, time just flies by doesn’t it? I was born on the 26th January which makes me an Aquarius. I’ve always been into astrology and I can identify myself with most of the traits – Aquarius dogs are calm, friendly and investigative!


I documented my exciting routine with my amazing GoPro but first here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.

It’s finally looking like spring and my person has been taking me on some great walks in the park which also means meeting up with friends. Unfortunately there have been some very grey and gloomy days, meaning I’ve been holed-up inside Tamar Towers quite a lot. But that’s given me a great chance to get lots of work done and help the team out!

Last week I even had a visitor luckily, as I was starting to get a bit bored of telling the team what to do. My best friend Delilah came over for a quick catch up. If only I could tell you the stories she told me…

Apart from all the chit chat and gossip we played a lot and ran around the office so much I almost forgot I had work to do. So I gathered the team in the meeting room for a brainstorming session (which was very productive and, yes, I am taking all the credit).


The team like pointing out how LONG I am a lot. Rude.

As the weather gets better I am looking forward to spending more and more time running around with my friends under the glorious sun getting ready for summer.

Enough with the words, it’s time to enjoy my video!! :) 🐶