20 April 2016 | Team Tamar

7 Reasons why Donald Trump is like PPC

At Tamar, we only do natural, organic marketing. Whilst ‘paid for’ advertising has plenty of strengths and advantages, we believe there’s no substitute for earning your brand’s place in front of your consumer.

The majority of our clients also utilise paid media to get in front of their audience, so we spend our fair share of time thinking about it, and about PPC in particular.

It was during one of these analytical moments that it occured to one of our team that ‘Pay Per Click’ marketing has a lot in common with another much-talked-about figure from 2016 – namely American entrepreneur and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Don’t believe us? Think we just made up the headline to be contentious and/or cheeky? Well, let’s take a look at the evidence and see how it stacks up;

#1 Both are worth billions

Whilst speculation about Trump’s fortunes vary wildly – from the multi-millions to the multi-billions – you can’t argue that the man is raking in the money.

PPC is also worth a lot of money – especially to Google. According to published figures, Google raked-in $67 billion dollars from ad revenues in 2016. Enough to make even ‘The Donald’ blush…

#2 …but neither can rest on their laurels

0928_trump-400-richlist-forbes-cover-101915_1000x1286According to Forbes, Trump is number #121 on their ‘Richest People in America‘ list – with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg both in the Top 10.

Just like Trump, Google PPC search revenues aren’t in a field of their own – Facebook adverts raked-in $17 billion last year, and China’s ‘Tencent’ made a pretty-impressive $13 billion in advertising revenues.

#3 Both generate a lot of money through gambling

Donald Trump famously made (and lost) a lot of his fortune through a series of casinos – most famously the Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Reports of their financial success vary wildly, but they clearly generated a significant chunk of Trump’s alleged fortune.

PPC marketing also relies heavily on gambling and casinos to keep the tills ringing. According to Adgooroo, four of the top ten UK AdWords spenders in 2014 were in the gambling category, including William Hill, Ladbrokes, BetFair and PaddyPower.

#4 Both are less popular than their PR would lead you to believe…

Whilst Donald Trump would love you to believe he’s poised to take over the white House this year, his actual popularity figures are sketchy to say the least.

Just like Trump, the actual popularity of PPC search results is a lot less than their nearest rivals – namely SEO. In fact, depending on which figures you believe, over 85% of visits to a Google search results page end in an organic click – making natural search results  far more preferred by searchers than PPC.


#5 …So both are doing work to improve their public image

Hardly a day goes by without Trump back-tracking on a bullish claim, or reworking his opinion on another policy which has hit the spotlight. As the White House looms closer, Trump is doing a lot of work to improve his perception in the eyes of the public…

…just like the PPC industry. Most recently, Google was reported to be testing out new green ‘Ad’ blocks (replacing the older yellow version) – speculated to be a way to persuade more users to click-through. The recent change to 4/3 paid placements is another example of PPC’s desperation for the public to click-through more.

#6 They’re both a lot more simple than you might think

We should probably be cautious what we say about Trump here, as he’s a notorious fan of suing people who say bad things about him… we’re sure you can fill this one in yourself.

PPC is also a lot more simple than you might realise – whilst there are definitely reasons to be use a 3rd-party agency to manage it for you, the basic themselves are pretty easy to learn. Whichever route you go down, knowing how it works can only make you a better marketer.

#7 Both are famous for being un-natural on top



Team Tamar